Ladywell streetscape improvement plan released

Lewisham Council has released plans to improve the heart of Ladywell, which is riven by an ugly road system that damages its prospects as a local shopping centre. They say:

These plans build on initial work that was commissioned by Ladywell Village Improvement Group in 2010 with funding from Ladywell Assembly. 

At present, the needs of vehicles moving through Ladywell town centre are prioritised over local access for pedestrians, cyclists and businesses. The changes being proposed will help to improve the environment and economic viability of Ladywell’s main retail centre without impacting on the flow of traffic. £800,000 has been secured from Transport for London to implement the scheme over two financial years.

The improvements made to Brockley Road have - along with the extra footfall created by the East London Line - helped to drive the regeneration of the high street near Brockley Station. This stuff works.