Baby and toddler music classes in Brockley

It's the biggest thing to hit the under-3s music scene in Brockley since Dooby Duck's Disco Bus. Bea writes:

I run baby and toddler music classes in East Dulwich and Herne Hill and have just started new classes in Brockley which meets Tuesday mornings at Gently Elephant on Brockley Road.

They are drop-in music classes for babies and toddlers, every Tuesday, 10-11am. The cost is £5 and any additional siblings pay half price. For more details, visit


Anonymous said...

This is a really enjoyable class. I've been going to the ED one - always packed! - and will now attend the Gently one. (There are many music classes in ED and I tried quite a few before finding that this was best, for us, anyway.)

Anonymous said...

We went to this, this morning. It was lovely. Lots of singing, dancing and playing instruments. Bea pitches very well to her wide ranging age range! She invited the children to name some songs they'd like to sing and incorporated them into her lively routine throughout the session.

What I liked best was that it wasn't just the same old nursery rhymes sung by a tired sounding group of Mum's but was led by someone who looked like she wanted to be there and had thought through what she was going to do.

It was a smallish group which is a good job as we were squeezed into the very lovely Gently Elephant shop front.

We'll definitely be returning as it was the first singing session that by 2 and a half yr old boistrous boy has enjoyed in ages!

Anonymous said...

This sounds good. Didn't like the diss regarding Baby Bounce sessions. They are free (as opposed to 5 quid) and mostly fun and it's not just "tired sounding group of Mum's" there's tired dads, grans and childminders too!

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