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- The Prestige

The New Cross Scout Group have had their minibus stolen. They say:

It went missing sometime after 9.00pm on the 17th Nov 2012. It has been reported to the police but please keep your eyes pealed.

If anyone has any information on its whereabouts please contact: David Cohen on 07933 149749 or Luke Cohen on 07842 959980.


Anonymous said...

taken from where? the Breakspears train bridge? still no extra security or measures in place for that section of road regardless the constant amount of car break-ins??

First New Cross Scouts said...

yes was taken from the train bridge on breakspears road was parked out there because it was used earlier in the day and was going to be used the next day.

The bus was taken on the back of a Tow truck between 9:45pm - 10:15.

We agree some security should be placed on that bridge as one of our parents car got broken into during a fundraising event at our scout hut.

Thanks First New Cross (The Greys) Scout Group

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