World AIDS Day Fundraiser at Jam Circus

Jez: Course it's not AIDS, this isn't the 80s. It's the best STD - just cute old, mostly-symptomless Chlamydia.
- Peep Show

Nena writes:

I've organised a Parents and Babies World AIDS Day Fundraiser.

It's Monday, December 3rd at Jam Circus from 12-2 pm.

The cost is £7 which includes tea, coffee and cake as well as a £5 donation to the charity, Positive East.

We will be joined by the Executive Director, Mark Santos, who will talk about the charity's important working supporting people and families living with HIV across London.

There will be red ribbons and other freebies! I havee asked that the money we raise go towards providing much needed holiday food parcels for the service users. Check out the charity ( and come down on Monday and show your support!