Lewisham spending cuts more than double national average

The Guardian's Data Blog has mapped the country in terms of the distribution of local authority spending cuts.

The cuts in Lewisham (which is the 16th most deprived borough in England) amount to £143.50 cut per person between 2010-11 and 2012-13 - more than twice the national average of £60.90.

The inner London boroughs are all among the hardest hit in the country, while outer London areas such as Bexley, Ealing and Redbridge less-badly affected.

Thanks to Jo on Twitter for the hat tip.


Anonymous said...

Good on Lewisham - leading from the front.

kolp said...

i wonder whether the cuts to the borough's hospital services is included in that...


Anonymous said...

Using a quantum in these sort of cuts always makes me suspicious I have to be honest. Seeing these as a percentage of current expenditure would be useful for context.

max said...

Percentages wouldn't give you much of a useful context in this case. The boroughs that get smaller cuts do so because they have more affluent residents that pay more Council tax and receive less benefits so they're more sheltered from the central government top up.

One can legitimately argue that these cuts are unfair towards the poor.

Anonymous said...

How can Lewisham Council whinge how it will cope with the cuts when it employs one of the fattest cats in local government? Barry Quirk is on an annual salary of over £192,000. That's not counting his gold-plated pension. He also laughably touts himself as an 'efficiency champion'.

Anonymous said...

Council to sell pub?

Among a long list of secret documents going before the Mayor is one for the disposal of the Fellowship Inn.


Anonymous said...

More libraries to close?

At the last council meeting our councillors rejected the following motion...

"Council believes that the Mayor should not make any further reductions in the number of
Libraries in Lewisham that are owned and run by Lewisham Council.”

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