Predictions for 2011

Elaine: (pointing a finger accusingly at Kramer) You! This is all your fault! You told me I could run the company!
Kramer: Well, then I was way off!
- Seinfeld, The Foundation

After a 5 star performance in 2009, our predictions for 2010 were way off! Some of the preamble with general predictions wasn't bad, although it's little better than cold reading and our prediction that you'd all be staycationing in Forest Hill and Crystal Palace doesn't ring true.

Here's what we said:

1. The campaign to secure a station at Surrey Canal along the second phase of the East London Line will be successful. That will be the only positive bit of news about local public transport infrastructure in 2010, although of course the Jubilee upgrade which will benefit both London Bridge and ELL users should be finished early this year and the DLR's expansion to three carriages should be finished by the end of the year.

Good old, trusty DLR, never lets us down. Otherwise, we were completely wrong.

2. Brockley will attract at least one new business which caters specifically for the young family market - whether that be a new nursery, a shop or something else entirely.


3. The final unit on Harefield Road will be occupied.

We've heard about two businesses that were supposed to be opening there, but nothing yet. Worse, we lost the Shop on the Hill.

4. At least one of the existing businesses along the Brockley Barge stretch of Brockley Road will decide it needs to raise its game in the same way that La Lanterna appears to have. This will mean a refit, a reimagining or selling-up to another business.

Costucutter's improved wine selection doesn't really count. The Brockley Barge added pavement-drinking to its repertoire, but that's not really what we were predicting either.

5. Through the hard work of local people, the Brockley Common project will at last fulfil its potential, flowers and shrubs will replace fag ends and discarded building materials, greenery will hide unsympathetic concrete walls and people will enjoy the meandering walk up the ramp, rather than endure its unremitting brownness.


So we're giving ourselves a generous 1.5/5 for our 2010 predictions, which proved hopelessly optimistic about the pace of change. Nonetheless, we're going to five relatively bullish predictions for 2011, although we're deliberately avoiding making any predictions about Brockley Road. Here they are:

1. Construction work on a permanent cafe for Hilly Fields will get underway. The logic is compelling, there's an interested bidder and it will cost the Council nothing.
2. A new restaurant will open in Brockley. Or at least, a new place you can pay to sit and eat.
3. A new local supermarket will open in the area, near Brockley Station, joining the likes of Tesco, Budgens, Costcutter and Co-Op. The world will continue to revolve on its axis.
4. Martins Yard construction will start.
5. Double or quits: Both empty units on Harefield Road will be full by the end of the year.

What are your predictions for 2011? What do you think of ours?


Tim said...

All of those predictions would be very welcome. I genuinely thought that the ELL would lead to a whole raft of new businesses opening, but this doesn't seem to have happened. I can only think that Londoners are not as entrepreneurial as I thought, because the Orchard shows that people will go out and spend money locally, if they are given an attractive option. Here's hoping it is just a false start, because there is surely money to be made by a reasonably priced family restaurant a la Le Querce or Meze Mangal. Another bar would be good, as well.

PS - Couldn't get a table at Toad's Mouth just now for lunch, because they were full. I know everywhere else is shut, but has this happened before?

max said...

The container outside Meze Mengal will be given grade II listed status.

Anonymous said...

Prediction- The Toad's Mouth will change hands...

Brockley Ben said...

@Tim Brockley Mess is open today too. Was very busy for breakfast/brunch this morning.

My prediction (more of a hope really) is that someone will realise what an opportunity is being wasted leaving La Laterna in its current forlorn state and (assuming it's not the current owners themselves) step in and make them an offer. Even a refresh of the old standard Italian it was would be a fillip to that stretch; something more ambitious would be better still.

Anonymous said...

The Maze Mengal skip isn't still there is it?!

Anonymous said...

...and I suppose the world's axis cntinues to pass directly thru' Brockley station?

M said...

It runs through the stone circle on Hilly Fields - as any fule kno.

Anonymous said...

The west side will get a new entrance to the station.

max said...

The Meze Mengal container will become a licensed wedding venue.

Mb said...

Lou will start to use the ELL regularly while wearing a false beard.

Anonymous said...

The Meze Mengal will become a storage for cyclists.

Above said...


max said...

The Meze Mengal container will become a free school (Lou Headmaster).

Brockley Jon said...

With all this talk of the container, I revisited the original 'Project Eysesore' post, and I'm pleased to report that's the only eyesore remaining! Maybe we should do a new one?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had the bollocks to ask Maze Mangal what it's all about?

Anonymous said...

isn't it there to annoy his neighbours?

running nutter said...

it's where they keep the wood for the bread oven

max said...

So there's no reason why they shouldn't store it in a garage and bring what they need in the restaurant once a week or so.

It's so ugly it must also harm their trade.

Brockley Jon said...

Problem is, Meze are so permanently busy from their well-earned reputation that they don't need to worry about a few walk-in punters walking off instead.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Sainsburys are sniffing around the container. It'd make an ace 'Local'

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the container now qualify as a 'permanent' fixture and require planning permission?

If it's full of wood aren't there fire issues and public safety?

Why doesn't someone nominate it to English Heritage and then run the story past a newspaper or TV programme?

Matt-Z said...

Current eyesore suggestions:

Cherry Picker by flats on Brockley Road
Burnt out car on Brenchley Gardens
Derelict house/former greengrocers on corner of Tyrwhitt Road
The general state of some of the Mews, in terms of litter, old furniture,rusting cars etc.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Meze Mengal container has something to do with a dispute with the owners above those shops.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

I am told 63 Loampit Hill is to be auctioned off to pay the Council for the new roof they put on.

Anyone know how I find out when and where the acution will take place?

This is the derelict shop on the corner of Tyrwhitt Road by the way.

patrick1971 said...

1. Ladywell will continue to do well now that the virtuous circle has been started by Oscar's, Geddes and El's Kitchen. Nightwatch will be refurbished and a business appealing to a similar clientele to the above will open.

2. Krizz Kutz will fail (everything else on that site has).

3. Sweeney's Cafe will be reopened as a more mother & baby oriented cafe.

4. A greengrocer and baker will open on Ewhurst Road to complement the butcher.

5. The Bellingham-Victoria train service will open.

Okay, 4 & 5 are wishful thinking...

Brockley Nick said...

I know that site has proven "challenging" for businesses over the years, but please can we not forecast the demise of any businesses as part of this exercise.

Bad karma.

Rosalind Parker - The Bedlam Bunch said...

With reference to the prediction below, I am writing to say that this DID happen!!!

I am Rosaling Parker, local actress, who set up my own children's entertainment business in Brockley that launched in March 2010. It has been going really well and I'm now starting to establish some lovely contacts in Brockley and surrounding areas.

We specialise in theatrical, interactive adventure stories and we cater for children's parties and family events. If you'd like to check out our website, here it is:

Very quick description of a typical party, just in case you're interested!... Crazy games, music, balloon modelling, magic, dressing-up, sing-alongs, treasure hunts, puppets and more - all woven into the stories of the Bedlam Bunch characters. Choose your favourite to come to your children's party or family day!

"2. Brockley will attract at least one new business which caters specifically for the young family market - whether that be a new nursery, a shop or something else entirely.


Rosalind Parker - The Bedlam Bunch said...

Whoops! - misspelled my own name there. It's Rosalind, not Rosaling!! Running your business can sometimes leave you a little bleary-eyed!! :-/

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