Brockley hustings

St Peter's Church
Wickham Road
7.30 - 9.00pm, April 26th, 2010

The Brockley Cross Action Group has organised a hustings for the Lewisham Mayoral and Brockley ward candidates. Candidates from all the parties have been invited.

The Brockley Central virtual hustings will begin shortly, as soon as we have all of the candidates' responses.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else see Joan Ruddock at Brockley Station this evening, gladhanding the returning commuters?

Anyone else notice the leather gloves she had on, despite it being a warm spring evening?

Get close to the elctorate but not that close eh...

Anonymous said...

From the BBC Election 2010 description of Lewisham Deptford Ward

"With the River Thames as its northernmost boundary, Lewisham Deptford ranges from inner city wards to the somewhat leafier Brockley.

The Brockley area is undergoing some gentrification and the extension of the London Overground to the area has made it more appealing to young professionals looking for affordable property. "

Please note it also mentions the poverty in the ward and the demograhics - I have just pasted the reference to Brockley

Tamsin said...

I was looking at the site this morning and it struck me as damming with faint praise. And the description of one of the other Lewisham constituencies was obviously written by someone from North London - no tube, but with the extension of the Overground it was - the implication - finally going to have links to Central London. Wot, never heard of buses or trains?

I don't think it's consciously not wanting to touch sweaty palms with people - just a part of her always impeccable grooming which is straight out of Vogue from the 1950s. I have never seen her look anything but extremely smart - even when planting daffodil bulbs among the dog mess in Telegraph Hill Park.

mg said...

JR had on a lovely red coat this morning at Crofton Park, shame I was dashing for the train so I couldn't stop to ask her a few questions, it's the first time I've spotted my mp in the ten years I've lived here.

Anonymous said...

Let's hear their visions for the troubled areas of brockley

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