BC Mayor Bid: Official

I think, therefore you are.- Sutter Cane, In the Mouth of Madness

Brockley Central is running for Mayor of Lewisham. Fact.

That's what we reported yesterday morning*, but any old fool can write a blog - it's not official until it's appeared on honest-to-goodness paper and ink.

And it doesn't get more official than the news in brief column on page five of the South London Press.

Today, the paper reports:

Blogger to stand as directly elected mayor

The writer of a popular internet blog will run as a mayoral candidate in the upcoming elections. Nick Barron, who runs the Brockley Central online forum, will stand as an independent candidate in Lewisham in May.

Ominously for the Labour Mayor, it concludes:

Labour's Sir Steve Bullock is the current directly elected Lewisham Mayor.

*Yesterday was April 1st.