Nunhead Station

Since no-one came up with any photos of the new artwork at Nunhead Station, we jogged over there at sunset tonight and got some of our own. It's a rather lovely gateway, which does with metal what Rob Ryan does with paper. It transforms a humdrum station entrance and shows an admirable commitment by Southwark Council to provide a high-quality public realm.

On our way back along St Asaph Road, we saw the streetlamps that a few readers have mentioned. Southwark has installed retro metal lamps all along the street, which vastly improve its appearance. We got this rubbishy shot, which just about gives you the idea.

The handsome metal lampposts (right) give way to concrete beasts (left) at the borough boundary, where Nunhead meets west Brockley. It's indicative of a wider commitment to high-quality design shown by Southwark (see also, Dulwich's bollards) that Lewisham would do well to copy.