The Wickham Arms does some soul searching

Alan: Oh I read your article in the paper. I loved that phrase you used 'Revolution, not Evolution'.
Tony Hayers: No it was the opposite 'Evolution, not Revolution'.
Alan: Well you know whatever. Because that is me. I evolve, but I don't...revolve. Or vice versa.
- I'm Alan Partridge

The Wickham Arms is rebooting. On its new website (still under construction) and Facebook group, it's emphasising its reputation for a warm welcome and promoting its excellent range of live events, including new regular soul nights on Fridays.

Brockley Central has always maintained that the Wickham is a good pub, with the potential to be great, if it could find a way to transfer the atmosphere it gets on music and quiz nights to the rest of the week. The changes they'll be making in the coming weeks include free wi-fi, teas & coffees and a more varied wine list, suggesting that they are aiming to attract a wider clientele, beyond just their hard core regulars.

The Wickham team have also successfully applied for a late license and they'll be launching a new regular music night called Brockley Soul. It starts on April 30th, with DJ Ollie Lailey & friends playing the finest in Northern And Rare Soul, Funk, Crossover And Modern /70's Soul until 2am.