Fire at Monson Primary School

The London Fire Brigade has issued the following notice:

Ten fire engines and around 50 firefighters have been called to a fire in a school on Monson Road, New Cross. It is thought the building is under refurbishment. A large part of the building’s roof is alight. The Brigade was called at 1513.

Firefighters from Lewisham, Greenwich, Peckham, Forest Hill, Brixton, Southwark, Old Kent Road and Deptford fire stations are at the scene.

The cause of the blaze is unknown at present.

With thanks to Mark for alerting us.


Simone said...

A little more info here... news: New Cross school fire

Detox said...

Robert said...

This is very sad indeed.

Unlike other primary schools in the area that will not be mentioned, what they were doing to develop the old Monson building was fantastic. A great combination of sensitive refurbishment, and contemporary additions. I was really looking forward to seeing it finished.

I sincerely hope that the damage was not too drastic.

Robert said...

Here is a link to a good set of photographs of the blaze, by Chris Montgomery.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that link?

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