Charity quiz night at the Royal Albert

Robot Club Leader: Gentlemen, welcome to Robot Club. The first rule of Robot Club is, you do not talk about about Robot Club. The second rule of Robot Club is, YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT RO… wait, I… got that wrong. [Unfolding a crumpled up piece of paper and pushing up his glasses] The second rule is, no smoking.
Tim: Why aren't we allowed to smoke?
Mike: We're not allowed to talk about it.
- Spaced

Brockley Central is taking part in a charity pub quiz at the Royal Albert at 7.30pm on April 25th, in aid of the Lavender Trust. Brockleys Jon, Kate and Nick are putting together at least one team, possibly two. We'd love to see some of you there, so that we can crush you.

The quiz is being organised by BC regular Lorna and will be followed by a DJ set and a performance by Mazaika.

There is an entrance fee of £10 per team - with up to five people on any team. If you can form a team under your own steam, just turn up - if you'd like us to put you together with some other BCers, email us.