The Lewisham Elections. Well?

Zapp: I come swinging the olive branch of peace
Neutral President's Aide: Should we trust him, Your Neutralness?
Neutral President: All I know is my gut says maybe
- Futurama

After four text-heavy days, the Brockley Central virtual hustings are at an end. Although the Q&A's featured some stock answers, there were also many that had plenty of thought put in to them and there were some answers that surprised us.

At the Mayoral level, we'll be voting for the individual, not the party and at the parliamentary level, we'll be voting tactically.

We've promised to be neutral ahead of the elections, but you don't have to be, so how did you think the candidates compared and who (including those who didn't participate) will you be voting for?

Lewisham Deptford

Tam Langley
Darren Johnson
Joan Ruddock
Gemma Townsend

Mayor of Lewisham

Dean Walton
Sir Steve Bullock
Simon Nundy
Chris Maines

Some of you will be relieved to hear that there's a story about a pub coming along in a minute.