The Lewisham Elections. Well?

Zapp: I come swinging the olive branch of peace
Neutral President's Aide: Should we trust him, Your Neutralness?
Neutral President: All I know is my gut says maybe
- Futurama

After four text-heavy days, the Brockley Central virtual hustings are at an end. Although the Q&A's featured some stock answers, there were also many that had plenty of thought put in to them and there were some answers that surprised us.

At the Mayoral level, we'll be voting for the individual, not the party and at the parliamentary level, we'll be voting tactically.

We've promised to be neutral ahead of the elections, but you don't have to be, so how did you think the candidates compared and who (including those who didn't participate) will you be voting for?

Lewisham Deptford

Tam Langley
Darren Johnson
Joan Ruddock
Gemma Townsend

Mayor of Lewisham

Dean Walton
Sir Steve Bullock
Simon Nundy
Chris Maines

Some of you will be relieved to hear that there's a story about a pub coming along in a minute.


Not a biggot said...

Much the same for me. Dean for mayor, I've spoken to him and found him very pragmatic - which I didn't expect in a Green.

For MP? I'm a Labour chap by inclination but they do need a poke with a stick but hate to see them destroyed. Minimum wage? Free nurseries? The tory's hated those. A lib/lab government may have the effect I'm looking for. Also the current poll splits tell me that the first past the poll system is bankrupt. Labour are grudgingly moving toward that. If the tory's win they will bury that.

So lib for mp or green? Think the vote split and joan's majority may keep her in

Not a biggot said...

...sorry, iPhone input. Talking about PR, I think it's time.

Green Party Central Headquarters said...

Let us say clearly that we do not support nor condone pragmatism in the Green Party; and that any members who are found to be pragmats will be expelled as soon as we can muster the energy.

Anonymous said...

i have to say, reading bullock's Q&A actually put me off voting for him - and that was my intention.
his answers left me completely cold and thinking it was time for someone with new ideas.

Anonymous said...

It's got to be the Greens, they do a helluva lot for this area and nobody could accuse them of not working for their votes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone but Bullock!! The area needs change

Lou Baker said...

What I hope is that we end up with a really good constituency MP. One who lives and breathes this area and who genuinely gets the problems it faces.

I've previously lived in a place where I completely disagreed with my MP's views on most things, but he was such a brilliant champion for the community I voted for him anyway.

I don't get that with Joan Ruddock at all. I've written to her three times - and have never had a response. The one time I met her she was unnecesarily abrupt. And, worst of all, her stock answers about transport cuts don't add up. She served in the Government which has slashed
our train services - and hasn't resigned in protest.

That, to me, is putting party before voters and is unacceptable.

Ruddock will probably win anyway - the others certainly don't appear to be campaigning very hard. But let's at least give her a scare. It's amazing how a small majority helps focus the mind on what really matters.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Lou actually said something I agree with for once.

TJ said...

I also agree with the comments above - I have now filled in my postal voting slips and the deed is done.

Protest voting for the MP - I agree with what Labour has done nationally especially around the economy, but am not keen on Joan Ruddocks response to constituents, and lack of local (non PR) involvement. So it's Lib Dem there.

For Mayor - it's the same really. Having dealt with the mayor under various local community groups and really not liking his attitude to our concerns as shown in the hustings - I've gone for a Lib Dem.

As for the councilors - Green for 2 of them and Independent Patrick McGinley for the third. I voted for Patrick as I have seen his commitment to the local area and drive to get things done.

Sparrow said...

My thoughts are the same as TJ but I'm not sure yet about the council vote, tempting just to make it a full house.

Tressilliana said...

Council (Ladywell ward): Green x 3.

Mayor: LibDem 1, Green 2 or vice versa - the key thing seems to be to give the LibDems one of my votes as the LibDem is the most likely to end up in the second round against Steve Bullock.

MP: I'm voting Green. I doubt Joan Ruddock will lose but I would like to see her get at the very least a massively reduced majority.

Tamsin said...

I do wonder, though, whether the staunch. long-term but perhaps now fed up labour supporters elsewhere in the constituency who gave Labour its massive majority (the greatest of the three Lewisham constituencies last time) might not be veering towards Ian Page's traditional socialism...?

He certainly meets the criterion of being a local champion. Darren Johnson, GLA and all that, is perhaps too much of a political being with his sights set beyond this immediate area.

rewardtheresponsible said...

To hell with the socialist tail wagging the capitalist dog - I am voting Tory.

Anonymous said...

bit of a waste isn't it? Surely if you want labour out in Lewisham your best bet is Liberal.

rewardtheresponsible said...

Yeah I did think that Anon but didnt want to vote tactically as opposed to for the party I believe would repair the damage. Who knows at the last second I may swing to Lib Dem 1 Tory 2 but for now its the other way around...

mintness said...

Lib Dem 1, Green 2 for Mayor; Lib Dem for MP.

Not sure about council (Brockley ward) as it's all a bit of a foregone conclusion really... maybe Green, if only to protect against the highly unlikely prospect of a Labour swing from 2nd last time, I suppose.

Monkeyboy said...

Given that labour rolled over to the city over the last 10 yrs I would have thought that you'd want more control over them not less? Labour is left of center, it would be a struggle to call them truley Socialist now.

Mb said...

Green mayor with lib dems 2nd. Lib for mp possibly, not made up my mind.

Bea said...

MP: Lib Dem

Mayor: 1. Lib Dem 2. Green

Councilors: Green

And it's the BC hustings as well as the TV debates that have helped me make up my mind.

Tamsin said...

A poll has been set up on the "thehill" website forums.

Node said...

Just seen an interesting piece on the BBC website with the Lewisham candidates talking about immigration.

Including Tory Gemma Townsend's gem-
"I'm still surprised every time I knock on someone's door and find that despite living here most of their life, they can hardly speak English."

But to be honest no one comes out very well...

can't wait! said...

Green Dean for mayor, Lib Dem second.

Lib Dem for parliament.

Green councillors - like someone else said, they work hard for their votes.

tyrwhitt michael said...

Its a shame we don't have the STV mayoral voting system for Parliament.

Labour might get more of a run for their money in Lewisham Deptford at least.

My upbringing should make me a Tory but their rejection of Electoral reform means I just can't vote for them.

Otherwise in the traditional manner my vote is between me and the ballot box!

Anonymous said...

Lib Dem all the way for me.

Tamsin said...

I'm with electoral reform of some sort but PR seems to sever the link between constituency and candidate. STV looks a good compromise but the party bosses would never want it, double the work on election night counting and doesn't leave them the power in manipulating the lists that PR would bring them.

Monkeyboy said...

Guess there is no perfect system but a general election is dominated by national concerns and the 1st past the post system just does not reflect that.

Joan Ruddock is a junior minister, does she really have the time to look at local trains? If we had a green mp, perhaps the first and only one in the country, would he have time for lewisham? The green party would have to use him for every national issue going - can't blame them.

Still may vote for you Dazza, not decided.

TBC said...

Lib dem all the way!

Lou Baker said...


Joan Ruddock is first and foremost a constituency MP.

If she doesn't care her voters are having their hourly train services slashed by up to a third, she shouldn't be in her job.

If she does care she shouldn't serve in
the Government which imposed the cuts.

In any case, she can't have done much in her role as a junior minister in the climate change department - considering Labour's woeful record on the environment.

The Cat Man said...

Im voting Lib Dem for MP, green for mayor and local councillors.

The greens have done much for Brockers, I want that to continue.

As for MP, Lib Dem have the best chance to get rid of the incumbent labour Joan Ruddock (who hasn't really done much)

Monkeyboy said...

Lou, that's kind of my point. Our once every four year vote only allows us to vote for our local MP when we all know what we're really voting for is who we want to govern us on a national level.

The House of Commons will not reflect that next week. The system needs to change to something more appropriate, not perfect but something that will make people believe that their views are reflected in the make up of the body of people who make our laws.

See below....

Deptford dame said...

From the north Lewisham end we don't have much choice in terms of councillors - most of the opposition have been notable in their total absence. But I won't be voting for Joan or Steve at the higher echelons - my votes are spread between various others.

oryx said...

I will probably vote for Joan Ruddock as my MP partly because she has always replied promptly (and on House of Commons headed paper!) to anything I've sent her as an email campaign. I am also very desperate to keep the Tories out - don't fancy Bullingdon Britain very much thank you.

I will vote Green at a local level as their councillors seem to work hard and be in touch, and also I like their policies. I may also vote for People Before Profit at a local level - one out of my three votes - as I think what they have to say is important.

Mayor - probably Dean Walton.

Not voting LibDem. I am still angry that they told my partner the Greens weren't standing in Crofton Park, which they very obviously are.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

anyone noticed how the PBP/Socialist Party seem intent on illegally flyposting the entire Borough? They should be fined.

Nick Ingham said...

I am concerned by the remark that LPBP is "illegally flyposting the entire Borough".

Our volunteers should all be aware that fly-posting (putting posters up without the consent of the owner or occupier of the land or premises) is illegal.

To date, I am only aware of one complaint. If there are other places where this is happening, we want to know so the offending posters can be removed.

Please report problems to Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nick take a wander along High Green Lane....

Nick Ingham said...

If you mean Hither Green Lane I am aware of it and it should be tidied up later today.

Bea said...

If anyone is a little confused as to how the various ballot papers will look and how many people to vote for on one paper, here's a useful guide on the Council website.

After all, there will be three separate elections:

- general (one x on the ballot paper);

- mayor (2 x on the ballot paper i.e. first and second choice); and

- local (3x for three councilors)

Anonymous said...

For anyone who hasn't made their mind up yet, this site is very useful and covers local issues as well as national ones:

love detective said...

amusing to see lewisham people before profit campaigning on a 'get rid of corporation tax' ticket

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