Lewisham Council responds to recent Brockley Cross incidents

Following the recent shootings, we contacted Lewisham Council to ask them if they had any response. Clearly, the relevant investigations are the responsibility of the police, but we felt it was important to know whether the incidents had registered with the Council and what they were doing to try to prevent similar incidents in future.

They responded with the statement below, which is relatively anodyne, but in the circumstances, it would be unreasonable to expect them to say much more at this point. We can at least be reassured that the Council is working with the police in light of recent events.

A spokesperson for Lewisham Council said:

“Recent incidents in the Brockley/Brockley Cross are, understandably, concerning to residents and businesses in the area. We would reassure residents that we are working closely with the police on a daily basis, sharing information and discussing various steps that we can both take to try to minimise crime, such as these shootings, in the local area. We know that the Brockley Safer Neighbourhood Team are keen to engage with local people and are walking the beat, providing a visible and reassuring presence on a daily basis for local people. We would encourage residents and businesses to talk to them about any concerns. They are there to listen to you."