Our Future's Orange: Forest Hill

This is part five of our regular series looking at stops along the new East London Line. Sure, Forest Hill was never difficult to get to from Brockley pre-ELL, but it's a good excuse to do a round-up of what's going on just down the track.

Forest Hill was originally the name given to an area of forest on top of Sydenham Hill, part of the Great North Woods. Initial development took place in the early to mid 1800s, close to the railway station (originally named Dartmouth Arms after the pub there, still open today). Over the years it has sprawled, merging with East Dulwich to the west, Honor Oak Park to the north, and Sydenham & Catford to the south east. Politically, Forest Hill ward is exclusively Lib Dem, and the Perry Vale ward to the south east side of the station is Labour.

Transport-wise, the station is served by the same trains as Brockley, but also hosts the odd fast train into London Bridge, and has the distinct advantage that being two stops further out in the morning rush hour can sometimes secure you a seat. Yes, a seat.

Forest Hill station and the footbridgeImprovements under Transport For London have included the obligatory plastic hanging baskets, but also a brand new footbridge - the structure for which appeared almost overnight sometime last year, but was only completed last week.

The area boasts a well developed 'high street', even if it does quite literally revolve around the ever-busy A205 South Circular. The shops include chains such as Boots, WH Smith and of course Sainsbury's, plus a couple of independent places like popular gift shop & boutique Bunka. There are several restaurants, and a couple of key pubs help to provide more decent eateries, the Dartmouth Arms and the All Inn One Foresters. The Dartmouth Arms is the more adventurous of the two for food, but both serve as greet gastro boozers in their own right.

The Hob pub, opposite the station, is probably the closest thing to an evening 'destination', regularly hosting music and comedy nights, along with a well-organised 'celebrity' pub quiz every week. That's not a quiz about celebs, but rather a quiz hosted by one!

The recession has taken its toll on Forest Hill, and sadly a number of shops and restaurants have closed in the last year or so. Lewisham Council have recognised something needs to be done to encourage new businesses, and have negotiated longer free parking in the car park to the back of Sainsbury's (from half an hour to two hours). They are also working closely with shop-keepers to enhance the appearance of the shopping parades, with one idea being to install artwork in empty shop windows suggestive of what the shop might become.

There are already two glimmers of hope. An old shop opposite the station recently re-opened as From The Forest, a small but stylish cafe. We spoke to the owner, Kollier, about his plans. He was inspired by the 'cooler' coffee houses in East London, and wanted to create a place where people would feel comfortable spending time. Hence, coffee is only a small part of Kollier's plan. He's already serving fresh breads and pastries from Flour Power at Borough Market, along with locally supplied cakes. There are plans to stock other ranges in the future, and he's hinted at organic wines and beers.

Kollier at From The Forest
Kollier, manager of From The Forest, with his preferred method of transport, a 3G Stepper

From The Forest will soon have a new competitor on London Road. Called The Teapot, the poster in the window promises a cafe and, you guessed it, deli - something curiously lacking in Forest Hill, considering Brockley's relative abundance of them. We wish them good luck.

Up the hill, towards East Dulwich, sits the Horniman Museum, tea merchant Frederick John Horniman's gift to the area in 1901, built on the plot where his own house once stood. Aside from operating as a brilliant museum, it plays a key role in the community, hosting regular public events in the gardens, school holiday activities for the kids and evening classes for adults.

The Horniman collection is soon to be commemorated in a wall mural by Artmongers (they of Feed the Cows and Brockley Key fame). Funded by Sainsbury's, as agreed with the council as part of their planning consent, it will celebrate the Horniman's cultural artifacts collection and should cheer up a pretty dreary alleyway between the supermarket car park and London Road.

Not far from the Horniman sits a plot that we can't talk about Forest Hill without mentioning. Two once stunning and now derelict houses at 15 & 17A Tyson Road provide the gateway to a largely untouched meadow which developer Loromah Estate propose to turn into 9 blocks of luxury flats. It's an ongoing saga, and the results of an appeal are due any time now. The brilliant Forest Hill Society blog has all the recent news, and you can read more on the inquiry at the Lib Dem blog Up In Forest Hill.

Forest Hill PoolsPossibly the second most talked about development in the area is London's oldest swimming pool, Forest Hill Pools, a grand Victorian bath that for years has had an uncertain future, not unlike Ladywell Pools. Happily, plans to renovate and extend the pools have been preliminarily approved and are under public consultation. The plans keep the grand exterior, with a large modern extension to the right-hand side. We'll bring you updates on this project, and other changes happening in Forest Hill, as and when we hear about them.

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name said...

From the Forest, does an absolutely scrummy Red Velvet cake, for 2.50 per generous slice. It's a bright red cake with white a cream cheese frosting the colours of a christmas stocking. (The red of the traditonally made red velvet cakes is created by the reaction between cake's ingredients particularly the cocoa powder and buttermilk.)

The shop is small, you get your cake if you opt for take away in a brown paper bag, not especially pretty but environmentally considerate. Clientele: trendy, youngishlings.

Sevenoakser said...

Oh my god, does that bike really exist?????

Unknown said...

FYI Website for from the forest is:


Monkeyboy said...

There was a shop selling those in New Cross. Never saw anyone in there and has shut down I believe.

Headhunter said...

I've seen bikes like that in shops but never seen anyone actually on one. Doesn't look as fast or efficient as a normal bike and not sure I'd have the confidence to ride one on a main road in London...

On another subject, what does everyone think aboutthe plastic hanging baskets that have sprung up along the new Overground route? They look quite pretty at the moment, hope they get refreshed once they have got a bit dirty and faded

Brockley Jon said...

Yes, the bike really does exist, and if you go down to From The Forest I'm sure Kollier would be happy to give you a demo! I believe his mate is the UK importer for them or something like that.

On the hanging baskets, I suppose we mustn't grumble that they're trying to inject some greenery. Real hanging baskets would be high maintenance, but it does raise the question - should we bother emulating what tradition dictates as being aesthetically pleasing, or is there a more suitable 'urban' alternative?

Also, any comments actually about Forest Hill gratefully accepted ;)

drakefell debaser said...

Friends of ours live in Balham and we have been having nights out at each stop on the train line between Brockley and Balham over the past few months so this write up is good timing as Forest Hill is one of destinations left.

I take it the Hob is the pub with the shirts (or are they flags?) on the roof which you can see going past on the train?

Michael said...

Forest Hill also has one of the nicest beaches in South London, just opposite the Horniman Museum. Ok, it's a large sand pit, but it is a great destination for young children from across South East London.

There are no longer any fast trains from Forest Hill to London Bridge, or if there are then there will not be after 23rd May.

On a point of pedantry Forest Hill does not 'quite literally revolve around the ever-busy A205 South Circular' - if it did we would never find it as it could move between Wandsworth and Woolwich.

Headhunter said...

Got no problem with the plastic hanging baskets I suppose although real ones would have been nice, just that the plastic will inevitably fade and start to look a bit tatty so hope they get looked after

Anonymous said...

I have sad news in regards to the Tyson Road application. The developer was yesterday granted, not a full application approval but an outline application approval. I am not entirely sure what that means but I guess they only have to amend some details and a final approval will be granted. I have noticed that it is possible to complain about appeal decisions but you will need a very good lawyer, some proper mistakes of judgment from the inspector's side to be able to fight it to High Court.
Does anyone know a lawyer who specializes in property developments. Would be interesting to hear it from an expert....

Tamsin said...

The bike hire place in Dulwich Park has interesting cycling experiences to try out in the save environs of the Park - banana bikes and penny-farthings, etc. Perhaps they have some of these as well - or if not they should get some. Or be given a couple by the chap who imports them as a way of encouraging future sales.

I would certainly take my children to have a go if I knew they were there.

Anonymous said...

Went to Forest Hill this afternoon (to visit Shannons, a very good garden centre - recommended). It's terribly confusing to navigate around that set of roads by the station, isn't it? Or is it just me? There's no pedestrian-oriented signage, and I couldn't see any street names, so I ended up walking in the wrong direction for 10 mins.

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