The Brockley Community Choir - get involved

The Brockley Community Choir is recruiting members. There are a number of Brockley people already signed up, but they are aiming for between 20 and 30 members.

The Choir is the brainchild of Yv, who says:

I love to sing but never trained formally when I was younger. Last year I did the 3 month Mid-Music Centre adult singing course in Deptford, but cannot continue that now due to work commitments.

Earlier this year, I was involved in the Marsha Pheonix Charity singing project that ran from January to March this year, this ended in a charity fundraiser at Lewisham College. We met every Saturday morning, singing in a prefab style building, some were beginnner singers like me, some were musicians and professional trainined and performing. The repertoire was mostly gospel and very uplifting.

When this ended myself and the other participants wanted to continue but did not find a local choir. All they ones I found were either far, expensive or exclusive, so we have decided to do it ourselves and then, if successful we'll continue after June/July.

It will initially be on a voluntary basis. Once up and running we will perform at a local venue to raise money on the night for a local charity.

The Choir now has a new blog if people are interested in learning more. Or they can call me on 07886 368 823 for more details.