The Brockley Central virtual hustings - all this week

Larry: I wanted to talk to you about an issue that doesn't really get a lot of play in the papers.
Senator: Well tell me because I like new issues.
Larry: OK. I'm talking about what's going on at the dry cleaners.
Senator: What's going on at the dry cleaners Larry?
Larry: Well what happens is, sometimes they'll give your item to someone else and then that person owns it and walks around in it and you have no recourse. And there's no oversight, it's just complete chaos in the dry cleaning industry as I see it.
Senator: Larry the thing about it is that sometimes you get an item that isn't yours and sometimes you lose an item, so at the end of the day, it balances out.
Larry: Yeah, well it's not balancing out for me senator. I never get an item. And you know what, if I got an item I would return it, because I think the whole system's flawed.
- Curb your enthusiasm

The Brockley Central virtual hustings start today and will run from Monday to Thursday. There'll be a new Q&A with one of the MP candidates every morning and one with one of the Mayoral candidates every afternoon.

The Q&As are based on the questions you suggested on this thread and were sent to each of the leading candidates - from the Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Green parties for each election. The questions were open, to encourage candidates to give detailed and specific answers. Answers will be published in the order they were received.

On Friday, we'll create an open thread for people to compare the candidates' responses and discuss how you plan to vote. You can of course use the comment function to discuss any individual's answers, but please observe the code of conduct.

And a quick note to political campaigners: In the past, election threads on Brockley Central have been used by parties to accuse rivals of misrepresenting them on the doorstep. Please don't do that this time around, stick to policy. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Very heated debate for both the Mayoral candidates and for Brockley Ward councillors. Hardly the Prime Ministerial Debates (they'd get a better microphone!) and there was not enough time for many questions, but a well turned out evening. And thankfully no BNP.

The prospective councillors gave an outline of their backgrounds and key issues. The Labour candidate seemed angry, but it wasn't clear about what, and the Lib Dem candidate clearly was underp-repared and knew nothing about the Ward, which was a shame.

I cannot help feeling that after the hustings Patrick McGinley will be the Nick Clegg of politics. Despite a stumbled start in his address, Patrick, standing for 'Lewisham Not for Profit' gave some excellent answers to questions,showing he is not a single-issue candidate. The audience certainly appreciate his views. The Greens' Cllr Darren Johnson also shone.

The Mayors' debate was equally interesting, and perhaps more heated. Audience participation began when Graham Dare from the right-wing English Democrats began listing a set of national policies, not tailored to Lewisham, and received groans when he announced his aims to cut sex education from schools. Need I say more?

Mayors were asked what their priorities were for Lewisham, their views on the future of Gordonbrock school and the poor deal that Lewisham has given to Council leaseholders.

After the already-unpopular Dare, incumbent Sir Steve Bullock was heckled every time he spoke (perhaps as all he had to say was "I'll continue discussions" to every challenge).

Perhaps the most rousing candidate was John Hamilton from Lewisham Not for Profit - who was free from party ties and was able to put his own, personal, passionate and local case for change. Cllr Walton from the Green Party performed well too, though he was bound to get a positive response in Green Brockley anyway.

Thanks to St Peter's Church and BXAG for organising!

Anonymous said...

Yes Patrick McGinley did pretty well didn't he!

Steve Bullock either was just resigned to his fate or arrogantly assumed he was going to win ...

Didn't change my vote though...

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you include John Hamilton and Ian Page?

Brockley Nick said...

I did email the party via the website and received no reply. John Hamilton came on to this site a couple of weeks ago and posted a similar question. But didn't email me.

Tressilliana said...

Lewisham mayor election: who to vote for? I want to vote so as to minimise the chance that Steve Bullock gets re-elected for a third term. We got our booklet from the council yesterday with stuff from all seven candidates and I am now clear that we have two votes for the Mayor, a first preference and a second preference.

All first preferences are counted first. If one candidate gets more than 50% of all first preference votes cast that candidate gets elected outright. Not likely to happen - it didn't last time.

So it's likely to go to a second round. At that point the two candidates with the most first preferences go head to head and the others are eliminated. The tellers go through the ballot papers looking for second preferences cast for these two remaining candidates and those are added to each candidate's first preference totals.

Still with me? There's a short test later...

Anyway, the LibDem candidate says that last time he got 32% (I think) and Steve Bullock got 40%, after the second round. Now my thinking is that if he is the likeliest person to beat Bullock he ought to have at least one of my votes. The question remaining is, does it matter whether I vote for John Hamilton or Dean Walton with my other vote?

Tressilliana said...

Bumping this up in hopes that someone else has a view....

Anonymous said...

My vote for mayor will be yellow and green - probably in that order,

Anonymous said...

Mine too....

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