Let sunshine win the day

Brockley Central has beaten the volcano and made it back from holiday alive and slightly more tanned than our original schedule would have allowed. Still, you were enjoying contrail-free skies, so that's the main thing.

As we left, people were shooting eachother. Now we're back, Brockley is in bloom and looked astonishingly beautiful as we walked through it in the sunshine this morning. Obviously, we should go away and leave you to it more often. Speaking of which...

In our absence, the politicians have been beavering away and we are now ready to start the virtual hustings on Monday, with Q&As from the Mayoral and Lewisham Deptford candidates for the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green parties.

We've also got three teams for the Royal Albert pub quiz on Sunday night. Let us know if you'd like to join one of the tables.