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Green Ladywell reports that the long-dormant Nightwatch shop on Ladywell High Street has been sold and will be redeveloped:

The new owners are very keen to crack on and renovate the whole building, with a view to letting the upstairs out as flats and the downstairs as a retail unit. Their architect came today and made some preliminary sketches. We talked about local residents being keen to see a good quality shop front, and an A1 retail use, rather than yet another take-away or betting shop.

More here.


M said...

Great news - that place is such an eyesore.
Perhaps Ell's Kitchen will take it on? I know they're looking for premises.

Matt-Z said...

I went for lunch in Oscars for the first time the other day and was looking at the Nightwatch building. It's a wreck both outside and in. Looking through the shop window at the front it's clear that it needs total restoration. The floors and stairs are in a poor state and the pidgeons are getting in through the roof/windows. Once done it should improve the high street no end. On another matter the service and food was poor at Oscars, must have been an off day as I've heard good things.

Anonymous said...

A big step to improving the local high street. Thank you to the councillers / officers for persisting. Hopefully the council can help in providing a fast track solution to not just the eye sore places like this provides, but to health risks it can cause.

Lets keep the momentum going !

Hugh said...

We need a thread on election voting intentions and in particular whether voting Lib Dem is the best way to oust Joan Ruddock.

Rob Blackie said...

Hugh - at the last election the Lib Dems got 5,899 votes on the (slightly changed) current boundaries compared to 4,392 for the Conservatives and roughly (long story) 3,691 for the Green party.

Here's a breakdown - UKPR is used by a lot of media for their estimates. I've got the Green Party vote by subtracting the 'others' & UKIP from the 2005 notional result.

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with joan?

Anonymous said...

Good news. What about 'snack bar'?

Anonymous said...

what we really need is another hair salon or cheap snack place!

Seriously, thats great news cant wait to see the end of that ominous sign

Sue said...

@Anon 15:41: the owner of the Snack Bar says he wants to sell, but then he's been telling us that for a number of years now and not made any attempt to do so, so I'm not holding my breath. Council officers don't think there is the same potential for enforcement action with this propertyas there was with Nightwatch - not sufficiently delapidated for planning enforcement or environmental health to pursue it. I believe our new town centre manager is in contact with the owner, however, so hopefully the carrot rather than stick approach can finally get things moving with this one.

M said...

Any chance we can get rid of the sodding carwash too? It would make a nice little market or garden centre.

Paddyom said...

How can these landlord afford the empty rates? That alone should encourage them to rent em out.

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