Chubby rain - flood risk in Lewisham

Fry: Is there anything we can do to help find my friend?
Priest: Well, we could join together in prayer.
Fry: Yeah, but I mean anything useful?
Priest: No.

In March, Lewisham Council will be taking part in a flood-risk exercise called Project Watermark. The good people of Brockley sit relatively high up, away from flood plains, but many homes at risk from flooding are vulnerable to heavy rain simply because the sewers can't cope with the volume of water that heavy rain brings and Lewisham has a number of rivers running through it.

Here's the release from the Council, that explains the initiative:

During heavy rain and at high tide, the Thames and its tributaries are at most risk of flooding. Those areas most likely to be affected in Lewisham borough are New Cross, Deptford, central Lewisham, and low-lying areas around the A21. While the Thames Barrier is designed to help prevent flooding due to high tides, Lewisham Council has also made substantial landscaping improvements to increase the capacity of the borough’s waterways and rivers such as the Quaggy and Ravensbourne.

Now, as part of one of the biggest emergency exercises to be run in England and Wales, Lewisham will be taking part in Exercise Watermark from 4-11 March. The borough’s flooding response will be tested and Lewisham Council will be encouraging residents and businesses to find out whether they live in an at-risk area and make sure they are aware of what preparations and precautions they can take such as:

  • Keeping flood waters out by obtaining sandbags from a builders' merchant and covers for air bricks and other vents.
  • Buy flood-proof products. A comprehensive list of these can be found in ‘The Blue Pages’ directory on the National Flood Forum’s website
  • Check your buildings and contents insurance policies to see what cover they provide for flood damage.

To find out if your area is as risk of flooding and what other measures you can take to protect your home or business visit