#MEATEASY - better late?

Not content with operating the hippest dive-cum-burger shack in London, #MEATEASY is gunning for the after-hours market now too with the first in an occasional series of Friday night slots, kicking off tomorrow. From the Meat Wagon website:

#MEATEASY will be hosting a number of DJ’s, parties, bands and sound systems after-hours over the next few weeks. We’re kicking things off on Friday 11th February with Towpath Festival favourites, the Kongo Sound System invading the space from 11pm onwards. We’ve installed a new sound system and we’ll be keeping the bar open until the small hours. Stay tuned for announcements of future after-hours events…

Food will be served as usual until 11pm. Reggae and booze till "very late".

Incidentally, Brockley Central's tip for beating the hipster crowds is to arrive before about 6:15. Even then you'll have to wait a bit for your food, but you should get a table at that time and the cocktails are ample distraction. There have been tales of waiting three hours or more in the past few weeks but on the evidence of a busy Tuesday this week they have a pretty slick system operating now so that may just be a thing of the past.

And anyway, the food is categorically worth both the wait and the hype. And even the mildy terrifying journey past darkened pub windows, through an unlit backyard, up a barely lit fire-escape, over a blustery roof and down a scruffy corridor.

(Edited to correct comedy spelling mistake in headline.)