Brockley Cross work begins

Lewisham Council's building contractors Conways, responsible for the Brockley Common project, have begun construction work at Brockley Cross today.

This is later than originally planned in the construction timetable, but is not late enough to incorporate any significant changes to the original proposal.

At the recent Brockley Assembly, a motion submitted by the BXAG and seconded by Broc Soc was passed unanimously. It called upon the Council's Highways Department and their consultants to:

Enter into meaningful discussions during the design development process and work closely with community representatives and their Councillors to resolve huge public concerns over the Council’s plans. We urge the Council to work with the local community – the stakeholders and users of Brockley Cross – to develop a plan that we can support, which improves Brockley Cross for pedestrians, cyclists and traffic and makes it safer for everyone.

That has not happened. We hope to confirm the scope of work that Conways has been asked to deliver shortly.