Oyster upgrade: touch in with a bank card

TfL has today confirmed that by the end of next year it will have upgraded all bus, Tube, DLR, Tram and Overground Oyster card readers, so you will be able to pay as you go with your bank or credit card.

Buses will be upgraded in time for the Olympics. Users of Ladywell, Crofton Park and St Johns will be at the mercy of the train companies, which TfL is in discussions with about the technology.

To use them, you'll need to be issued with a contactless card by your bank or card company.

Fans of cheques will still be able to use them to pay for dogcart rides to Baker Street, leaving Lewisham every fortnight (2s 6d).


Tamsin said...

Hmmm! I take that as aimed at me.
You will also have to use cheques at a live audience Auction Party being filmed by ITV1 in St. Dunstan's this evening where it is specified "All items to be paid for by Cash/Cheque". No plastic accepted it seems.

I can send you more details if you like. Not that far from Brockley and the Assistant Producer with whom I was exchanging e-mails yesterday did say "the more the merrier".

Back on the topic, presumably you will still be able to use normal Oyster Cards topped up with laundered cash in the usual way.

Anonymous said...

How long until someone mentions their civil liberties? Headhunter where are you?

I'm personally all for it - is anyone other than Barclaycard doing contactless?

Anonymous said...

I've often thought how government agents or police could use ATM's and Oyster cards to track and communicate with each other.

Then if they are a terrorist they get 'taken out' by their mobile phone.

Coney said...

It's not government agencies that'll be bothering people it will be marketing companies.

Users of the Bakerloo line could be greeted on their online statements with:

"As a user of the Bakerloo line why
not stop off at Madame Tossaud's to see the wonderful wax looka[un]likes. Here's a 10% discount if you buy 6 or more tickets on your Borclays Visa card"

jim said...

I doubt any marketing firm would allow that many spelling errors.

Coney said...

They're not spelling errors! ;)

Mb said...

to be honest while our agents are mainly zipping themselves into holdalls, I doubt they'll have the time or inclination to track LoveDetective on his journey from the Peoples Republic of Catford to Buck House for a spot of civil disobediance.

Howson Road said...

Think I will stick to my anonymous shop-bought Oyster, thanks!

Headhunter said...

Civili liberties? When have I EVER said anything about civil liberties?

What's a "contactless card"?

Anonymous said...

Oyster basically, but for bank cards. So the man can tell what you're doing! Mungmungmungmungmungmungmungmungmungmung

Peter said...

Agree about Parkwood Leisure's running of the Wavelengths pool. It's hard to imagine a level of service showing more contempt for the paying customer. Highlights include:

- showers faulty for months on end, regardless of continual complaints;

- twice as many staff as required;

- most staff apparently without anything to do except sit behind the glass operating the turnstile very slowly and letting queues form;

- staff who rarely smile or indulge in other small courtesies;

- toilets often filthy (smeared excrement, used toilet roll, etc.);

- all feedback apparently ignored (the customer feedback notice in the entrance area is Orwellian in its relentless self-flattery).

I understand Lewisham use Parkwood for all borough pools and that the contract is up for renewal in October. Probably a good time to start campaigning for that not to happen. Wavelengths epitomises extravagantly wasteful procurement by the puclic sector yet I haven't seen any indication of the Council being challenged on it. Can anyone correct me?

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