Dark territory: Lewisham's going offline for five days

Lewisham Council is going dark, with their website being reduced to a handful of pages for a few days as they transfer service providers as part of a cost-saving measure. It's not known whether this means nuclear reactors will melt down or planes will fall from the sky. Here's the release:

Lewisham Council will be suspending its IT services from midnight on Wednesday 16 February until 8am Monday 21 February. This is because the Council is moving its servers to a new data centre.

In particular, the Council’s website will be affected, with only a limited number of pages available. It is also likely that e-mails will not be received by the Council during this period. Anyone visiting the Council’s website at this time will however be able to see telephone numbers for the Council’s main services. Telephone systems will not be affected.

The change to a new centre follows negotiation of a new service provider and contract. The new contract will result in a saving to the Council of £250,000 a year.