Let's All Hang Together, New Cross

Let's All Hang Together is a new exhibition space and shop opening this week, located 455 New Cross Road. It will be available for hire by any artist for £12.50 a day. [Deptford Dame has a nice photo of it]

Let's All Hang Together was founded by Art Saves Lives, a not-for-profit organisation devoted to giving artistic opportunities to the socially disenfranchised. The organisation was inspired by a 2008 Chelsea Flower Show project in which a garden was created by homeless people and former prisoners. Participating artist Dean Stalham went on to create Art Saves Lives as a not-for-profit organisation, and ran Hot Tap Theatre, a production company based in New Cross, before it was forced to close recently, when its landlords wanted to use the space for other purposes.

The space opens this week and will be hosting the first of a regular series of poetry, spoken word and acoustic nights called The Friday Lip.

Other planned events include classes by portrait artist David Hardy for just £5 a session and a film course for former prisoners, run in conjunction with www.insidefilm.org, where each member of the group will make his or her own short film.


Anonymous said...

Seems a bit of a bargain at £12.50 a day.

Anonymous said...

where is 455 New Cross Road? What shop is it adjacent to, or opposite from?

Is it near Cafe Crema?

Danja said...

Looks like it is the building next to the Atom studio - further up on the LHS going west from New Cross station. If I've got the right one, PP has gone in fairly recently to tart those up and convert to mostly residential.

Miss L said...

Past New Cross station towards Deptford, between a couple of newsagents/corner shop style shops if I remember correctly.

And sounds like a fab initiative!

linda said...

When are classes with David Hardy starting?

Anonymous said...

art saves lives got chucked out of the hot tap theatre for illigal raves and putting on performances without licences and taking payments for hire of venue not returning money owed for bookings not met. Looks like they are up to same thing here as no planning permission ever granted for such use of 455 New Cross Road.

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