Cllr Johnson calls for Mayoral car to be scrapped

Brockley Councillor Darren Johnson has issued a call for Mayor Bullock to give up his chauffeur-driven car at a time when the Council is introducing austerity measures in so many areas of its spending.

A release from the Green Party says:

In response to a formal question from Cllr Johnson at last week's full council meeting, the Cabinet Member for Resources confirmed they are considering giving up one of two civic cars currently in use.

However, Cllr Johnson urged the council go further and look at whether they need a mayoral car at all. Cllr Johnson commented:

"The Mayor of London and London Assembly have managed quite happily without their own chauffeur-driven car for the past decade. I would question whether it's something Lewisham Council should be spending any money on at all, at a time of such harsh cuts to local services."

BC isn't a big fan of gesture politics, but in this case, Cllr Johnson is surely right. There is no efficiency argument for keeping a Mayoral car and the Mayor of Lewisham does not need to project power or status.