The Grizzly Bar, New Cross

Bear: We Bears are a proud race. They must pay for their intrusion.
Baxter: On my journey I met one of your kind. His name was Katow-jo. We became friends.
Bear: Katow-jo is my cousin. Go in peace.
Baxter: I will tell tales of your compassion.
Bear: Fare thee well, Baxter. You shall always be friend of the bears.

- Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

A new bar is promising to open in New Cross. Where? It cannot say. When? You cannot know. It is keeping its cards close to its chest. But it goes by the name of Grizzly Bar and it is taking great delight in keeping us all guessing on Twitter. Follow them here or keep watching the pages of Brockley Central for further news.