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The organisers of the highly-popular Hill Station Book Sale are back, with a sea container-load of books and a new venue.

The Telegraph Hill book sale Part II will take place at the Telegraph Hill Centre, Kitto Road, SE14 5TY on Saturday 26th February, from 3pm to 6pm.

Book prices range from 10p—£1 for children's books and 20p—£2.00 for grown-up ones.

All in aid of Crisis.


Tamsin said...

It's half term (which was unavoidable) so some of those who helped last time can't be there next Saturday. We would therefore appreciate some offers of assistance in setting up from 12.30 - particularly those able to lift and move heavy boxes. Do get in touch if you can help.

Miss L said...

Just back from this with a bag-full of fab books for a fiver! Would have bought more but couldn't carry any more than these.

I hope there is a repeat at some point. Ideally would hope it becomes a regular thing!

Thanks for the organisers, hope you managed to fundraise loads for Crisis!

Anonymous said...

Like Miss L, I hope there is a repeat planned soon. . . very happy with my haul. :-)

Tamsin said...

It'll be regular but not frequent! Probably a feature of late January to encourage people to clear out of the Christmas break and donate. Then have a few weeks contemplating the gaps of their shelves and so come along and buy.

Many thanks to those Brockley Central people who came and purchased with wild abandon - we took over £430 which with nothing over £2 and most for 20p is a lot of books.

Really gratifying to recycle and find appreciative homes for things. One that particularly sticks in my mind is an elderly gentleman bringing in a couple of bags - including three volumes of the Alpine Club Journal (I think - mountaineering anyway). Quite early in the afternoon someone bought them - and when I commented, just saw two in his pile to begin with so I said there was a third - he told me he was buying them for his brother. Another chap bought a school text book because he remembered from his own school days (so 60% sentiment) but also it is such a good one he wanted it for his children when they are a bit older. (McKean Introduction to Biology - if it resonates with anyone else.)

Tamsin said...

This event is still trickling on in that there is a collection of videos and old NewScientist, Bird Life and Time magazines on a table in the Telegraph Hill Centre Foyer for anyone to take what they would like in return for a donation.

Tamsin said...

Just a final update to say that there were about thirty boxes of books left over at the end of the day and we have found a good home for them in the Pepys Resource Centre. By a happy coincidence we delivered them yesterday when there was an event going on celebrating the whole enterprise - great fun.

The Pepys Resource Centre also houses Eco Computer Systems who recondition, recycle and reuse otherwise redundant computers and accessories. Much better than landfill or even taking them to the Surrey Canal Road depot. And there's a fascinating little historical display - anyone remember the BBC computer or a Hewlett Packard calculator?

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