Blackfriars Station progress has a detailed feature [including this video] about progress on the redevelopment of Blackfriars Station, due to be ready for passengers in spring 2012. The article is timed to coincide with last week's opening of the station's new platforms.

A key station for Crofton Park commuters, it will be the first to span the Thames, with entrances on both banks and is being built as part of the wider Thameslink investment programme.

[Full disclosure: the construction company leading the project, Balfour Beatty is a client of Brockley Nick's employers]


urbansurgery said...
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urbansurgery said...

I'm hoping the frequency of service increases once all the works are complete. Working near Tate Modern this will be a great alternative to LBR for me.

[ full disclosure: i worked on the design of this station in 1998 i.e. another staggeringly quick UK infrastructure project :/]

Mb said...

Yep, "Thameslink 2000" that was an unfortunate name for a project.

Anonymous said...

Lewisham 2000...

Lou Baker said...

It's great there's a 'new' station.

It's just a shame that there will be no extra trains in to it from Crofton Park / Nunhead.

And, even worse, that those existing trains will continue to be run by South Eastern who - pardon my French - do an absolutely piss poor job on this line.

Still when you're at Blackfriars waiting for your train home, which is late (or more likely cancelled), at least the station will have a roof.


Tamsin said...

Like the spooky ghost commuters - particularly the almost brief encounte moment. (Well probably not commuters - so few of them it is a Sunday afternoon - if the new station will open weekends.) Classy presentation.

spincat said...

It was an interesting video showing the scope of the project. Slightly depressed that the redevelopment removes the only thing I liked about the existing station which is that you could walk quite a way out along an open platform and see the Thames all around you.

Silly Lou said...

Lou, it's a line from Brighton to north of London. If it was called "croftonparklink" you'd have a point. It isnt and you don' usual.

Lou Baker said...


Brighton to Bedford trains via London Bridge go through Blackfriars.

And some trains from Wimbledon terminate there.

But the other route that goes through Blackfriars is the half hourly Sevenoaks to Luton or Kentish Town (via Crofton Park and Nunhead). So every train through Crofton Park uses Blackfriars and about half the trains through Nunhead.

So, pea brain, I do have a point - which Crofton Park commuters will get. And ignorant twerps like you will not.

It must be all those takeaways, fags and booze you're spending your benefits money on that has mashed your brain.

Tamsin said...

No. Thameslink is relatively new. There used to be a regular service from Barnehurst to Blackfriars (although its notorious tardiness was celebrated in a one-hit-wonder record that topped the charts for a while). You could catch trains from Lewisham to Blackfriars and then change for Holborn Viaduct. Also a frequent rush hour service from Crofton Park and Nunhead - and even some through trains to Holborn Viaduct.

Things change - and not necessarily for the better for those who have got used to a commute around the status quo.

Cheer up Lou said...

so Tamsin and Lou, some win, some loose. That's life on a crowded island with limited money. 12 car trains at up to 24 trains per hour is a massive increas in capacity. Although your parochial wish for national infrastructure projects to serve Crofton park is admirable I would suggest that it's not the best use of £5.5bn.

@lou, hows that article on the skateboarding cat going? the printers roll in half an hour. If you don't get it in you'll be posting copy from dalston - mark my words.

THNick said...

Lou - only problem with your point is that the trains aren't run by south eastern, they're run by first capital connect. Which isn't an improvement.

Cheer up lou - Crofton Park and nunhead won't get 12 car trains or 24 tph. They will continue to get 8 car trains, except when FCC only put 4 on, at about 2tph, with a few more during rush hour. The Blackfriars redevelopment is a good thing in general and a slightly good thing for CP/N now we get through trains but don't oversell it.

Tamsin said...

@ Cheer up Lou Agreed, swings and roundabouts are the basic facts of life. Just "Silly old Lou"'s comment was ill-informed, irritating and a little bit insulting.

Matt-Z said...

The Thameslink Project is a strange one that's suffered from an initial peacemeal approach, later false starts, changes of design, public enquiries, government dithering etc etc. It's remarkable that it's coming to fruition at all.

It must be remembered, as the link states, that it's a significant challenge to rebuild a working railway. Whilst far more complex, Crossrail is in some respects easier to build, as there aren't the constraints of opening the line for buisness for 16 hours a day. Hence the frequent line and station closures.

Thameslink isn't a panacea for passengers on the Catford Loop, but as stated, that's not its primary aim. it seems the best we can hope for at Crofton Park is an additional 2tph off-peak to Victoria, if the mitigation plans for the loss of the South London Line in 2012 go in our favour.

There was a lack of foresight in replacing Holborn Viaduct's 6 platforms with just 2 at City Thameslink - which would have made a useful reversing point and could have added capacity for our lines. But be grateful we are not on the Wimbledon/Sutton Loop. Once Blackfriars is complete those service will all terminate there once more.

Special Brew, Fags & a big house - courtesy of the tax payer. said...

So Lou's whinge was groundless? Well I for one am shocked, my faith in his judgment has been rocked.

Matt-Z said...

Regarding who operates the trains at Crofton Park, it's complicated to say the least.

First Capital Connect owns* the trains which run the service through Blackriars and northwards(at least most of them, some are leased from Southern, which is owned by Govia, who also own South Eastern). However this service is jointly run by FCC and SE, with FCC taking over from Blackfriars.

South Eastern own the trains which run the evening and weekend service to Victoria.

*owns is disingenous. They are all leased from the Rolling Stock Companies (Roscos) who are mainly owned by banks.

This is not the thread for an argument about piecemeal privatisation, but this ridiculously complex set of arrangments can't be of benefit to passengers.

Anonymous said...

I took Silly Lou's (rather inflamatory) comment to just be that it is a line that serves many places - the details of where it goes aren't important. The point seemed to be that it isn't there purely to serve Crofton Park and its residents, however loud they complain.
Seems logical enough to me.

Lou Baker said...


The trains are run by South Eastern south of the river, First Capital Connect north of it - even though most of the trains have FCC livery. So it is South Eastern who are responsible for the dire service from Crofton Park.

Of course South Eastern would argue, with some justification, that many of the problems are caused on the First Capital Connect part of the route or are down to dodgy Network Rail infrastructure. None of that makes it better for passengers.

And, no, I don't expect 24 trains an hour through Crofton Park. But I don't think any station in Greater London should be served by fewer than 4 trains an hour for most of the day. This is perfectly achievable.

Crofton Park Ranger said...

I find myself sticking up for Lou - weird.

1. More trains would be nice (not controversial)

2. @ cheer up Lou. Not the best use of 5.5bn? Actually the rail utilisation strategy suggested that the line would benefit the most from more trains. Conversely, the London bridge to vic was one of the most wasted slots (but let's not get started on that one again - we all know everyones various viewpoints in depth!)

3. There was talk of giving CP a load more trains and Sunday service but it's seems to have died a death which is a real shame as I for one would use CP slot more if the service was more frequent (or ran on Sundays)

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