Read-In at Crofton Park Library

Crofton Park Library is one of five local libraries under the threat of closure due to Council budget cuts. Brockley Central dropped by the Read-In this morning to show our support for this important and historic resource. The fabulous building was full of people and the community spirit strong.

Karen Jonason earlier posted on the event's Facebook page:

Thank you to all who made the library read-in today such a success. People poured in and were still arriving shortly before lunchtime closure. Cllr Pauline Morrison read a poem by Maya Angelou, crime writer Lindsay Davis read from her novel Alexandria, featuring the murder of a librarian! Recently retired Crofton Park ...librarian Gwen Randle recited The Owl and the Pussycat and several other library users also read passages from their chosen books. A team of film makers from Roehampton University recorded the event. This will be posted on a New Stateman blog in the next week or two. Local "middle class rappers" Sly and Reggie, performed from their van outside the library. Many thanks to Tina for ensuring everyone had a Save Crofton Park Library sticker - we ran out!

Show your support by signing the online petition. There are more protests planned against the cuts, including a processional march on Saturday February 19th organised by the group Carnival Against Cuts.

The Read-In


Anonymous said...

Lindsey Davis was there?! I've read all her books and I missed her!

Molewife said...

Gah! That's exactly what I just thought! I love Falco. Gutted. I arrived late after a certain amount of baby-wrangling. Dammit!

It was absolutely rammed there today, there was barely room to sit on the floor in children's area. I wish I could believe it would make a difference :-(

Brockley Dogging Society said...

On similar lines, and as a response to the governments planned selling off of acres of British forestry, Brockley Dogging Society are to stage a dog-in on Hilly Fields next saturday, noon-til-late. Bring a dog, a lead and something to tie it to, and get involved.

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