Lewisham NHS Trust seeks Foundation status

Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust is applying to become a Foundation Trust and has opened a public consultation on the matter.

Foundation Trust status would grant it greater freedom from central government and are run as community co-operatives.

The Trust says:

The Government has said that all NHS organisations have to become Foundation Trusts by 2013. If we fail to do so, for instance if we do not gain enough local support, we will merge with another NHS Trust which has achieved Foundation Trust status already.
We believe that we can meet the needs of the local community best if we remain an independent organisation, run by and for local people. We can do this by becoming a Foundation Trust.
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Tamsin said...

Work crosses over with my slightly clandestine visits to this blog during work hours...
There's a "Save Our NHS" sub-group of the Lewisham Pensioners Forum - that has been campainging on NHS issues for the last four years or more - and Joy Ellery, the Director of Knowledge, Governance and Communications for the Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust, is coming along to their meeting on Tuesday 15th March (at 1.30 in the Saville Centre, 436 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6LJ) to talk about the Trust's plans on this.

An afternoon meeting, which is not ideal for those in work, but the group, although started off by pensioners, is specifically open to those of any age. And if people would like to go on our e-mailing list to receive updates and information on local and nationwide health issues in these very interesting times just e-mail me at work: l[that's an "L" for Lewisham rather than numal one]pforum - at - btconnect.com

Karen Jonason said...

See Facebook page Lewisham S.O.S. NHS

Lewisham Dogging Pensioners Society said...

Save our N.H.S!

And our D-O-G-G-I-N-G

Edith x

Tamsin said...

@ Karen. For those of us who have got as far as blogging and e-mails but haven't reached Facebook yet, could you be kind enough to expand a bit. Thanks.

Welcome to 2011 said...

Why not just use Facebook

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