Lewisham’s pilot Designated Public Place Order

Lewisham Council writes:

In August 2010, Lewisham Council began a six month Designated Public Place Order – or Controlled Drinking Order – pilot across the borough.

The pilot is coming to an end and Lewisham Council is seeking views from residents, businesses and stakeholders, in order to assess how well the project worked.

Following analysis of the comments received, Lewisham Council and Lewisham Borough Police will review the effectiveness of the Order and consider a range of future options.

The Order is a tool that enables the Police to address alcohol-related disorder in a quick and effective way. It is not a ban on alcohol consumption in a public place, but a way to tackle nuisance, or annoyance associated with drinking alcohol in a public place. It is not a criminal offence to drink alcohol, responsibly, in a public place.

To take part in the online survey go to www.lewisham.gov.uk and click on ‘Check our active consultations’ and then ‘Evaluation of Lewisham’s Drinking Control Order’.

The survey closes on 28 February 2011.


Broccoli said...

What about mung-related disorder? There are plenty of Eco-tramps hanging around Coulhgate St making a mess. The pavement is littered with cous-cous most mornings :-(

Tamsin said...

Just don't try during the five day close-down.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the DPPO began in August, in September at a meeting the Mayor attended an officer of the council described the 'intended' DPPO.

This website discussed it being 'mooted' last August and it's introduction of this rum deal in October 2011.


As the council apparently issued a press release two weeks ago describing the scheme a success...why bother with an 'evaluation'?

The 'success' in Rushey Green reported in the press was not due to the borough wide zone but because the medical centre moved the issuing of medication away to Deptford.

In recent days I've seen a street drinker staggering around on the steps of St. Mary's church Lewisham, while police sat in their car watching while waiting at traffics lights.

The lights changed the police drove off, I guess they see it as the norm in Lewisham and we should not expect any better.

Despite the Lewisham Commander fully backing the DPPO, there was total lack of intervention by the police.

The number of street drinkers visible has increased but in smaller groups, where is the promised borough wide outreach programme?

Anonymous said...

"where is the promised borough wide outreach programme" in the bin alongside the other less glamerous priorities. No help for those who could benefit, both the drinkers and the residents.

Tamsin said...

And they've moved from Lewisham High Street by the Saville Centre to Ladywell Recreation Ground. More despressing for them and scarier for those walking through the park.

Borough-wide outreach would need money and skilled workers - both in short supply.

Anonymous said...

An assurance was given regarding the outreach programme in the presence of the Mayor.

One of the complaints at the meeting was the lack of informing the public of the meeting at the town hall.

Since last October, if there's been any updates they ain't informed the public.

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