Austerity Brockley

The Tesco cash machine on Lewisham Way is leading a resurgence in cash machines dispensing £5 notes, as a response to these austere times. The ATM gets a name check in a report on Thisismoney on the trend:

The number of cash machines that dispense £5 notes has seen a huge surge in the last two years, with 3,954 ATMS now dispensing fivers according to research.

This compares to just 670 ATM machines stocking the notes in 2009 as the popularity of the £5 note continues to grow with economic uncertainty lingering in the UK.

What are the other ways in which Brockley has responded to austerity?  


Carys said...

One of the big ways I've responded to being a bit empty of pocket is staying local - not going out on big nights out, but rather going to places with no travel costs and comparatively cheap beverages. So I think Brockley's doing rather well out of me during this time of austerity.

(I must add that this is comparative - my idea of a cheap night out is a couple of bottles of wine at Mr Lawrence's. I'm sure many of us do it cheaper.)

Anonymous said...

I go to the Wetherspoons and not the Talbot, better class of person in the spoons too.

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