Hope dodgers

White Goodman: Meet Fran Stalinofskivitchdavitovichsky. In her home country of Romanovia, dodgeball is the national sport and her nuclear power plant's team won the championship five years running, which makes her the deadliest woman on earth with a dodgeball. Ball me, Blazer.
- Dodgeball

Brockley's dodgeball team captain, Steve writes:

One of our best players Vi Luu is going back to Germany. Amazingly, at the moment, we find ourself in 2nd place in the league but without Vi's quality we're doomed to slip down the table.

Can Brockley provide us with a sporty, competitive an socialble girl to push the team to the next level? 
We've listed the qualities needed on our infrequently updated blog.

We're getting some very good feedback from the Brockley Central Class of 2011 who play for our reserve team. All lovely people but terrible Dodgeballers!