Brockley Cross bin laden - update

Following the discussion about bin bags being torn open in Brockley Cross on a regular basis, the Council has investigated and Nigel Tyrell, Head of Environment reports:

Members of our enforcement team have now made several visits to the area looking at the refuse disposal, including the trade waste arrangements. They have also spoken to the business’ about their customers dropping litter.

Officers were really pleased to find that a large majority of business’ have trade waste arrangements They have found a few business’ which don’t and they have been warned. So far we are pleased to confirm that one of the business’ has subsequently arranged for a trade waste contract. 

Further visits will be ongoing to make sure all the traders get rid of their waste in the proper way. If the traders continue to trade without any contract then enforcement action is the next step.

Our Cleansing Team have jet-washed the pavements around the litter bins. The Cleansing Team will also continue to monitor over the weekend and see if an initial improvement has been made following the visits.

Great to receive such a quick response from the council - we hope that the businesses failing to deal with their rubbish properly respond equally quickly.