New Cross People's Library

The New Cross People's Library team have been in touch about an upcoming event they're hosting on October 29th.  The library is volunteer run since the Council withdrew its funding for this and four other libraries in the borough earlier this year. 

Supported by Bold Vision, the group behind the Hill Station and a range of other great projects in New Cross, the team reports that they are attracting approximately 300 people a day, equal to the number it was getting before its closure, except that the new library is open for an extra day a week. They say:

Courttia Newland who's a brilliant South London-based playwright and screenwriter, is going to be reading from his work at New Cross People's Library (New Cross Road, on Saturday 29th October, 3pm. It's free. Courttia's latest play Look to the Sky is currently on tour with Half Moon.

This is part of our celebrations of Black History Month and one of several events we've put on in our community-run library in New Cross Gate since we reopened in August.
We are now open 4 days a week (one more day than when it was run by the council). And we've got an excellent second hand bookshop in the library, which we think has some of the most interesting and cheapest books in London. All of which we hope will encourage people to come to see us!

When Crofton Park Library is getting disappointing early reviews since its reopening, it's heartening to hear about this project's success.