New ELL station for Surrey Canal agreed

It's not often that Brockley Central gets to apologise for our undue pessimism, but it looks like the huge masterplan for Surrey Canal, including a new station on the East London Line, is to get the go ahead, despite our fears that the developers would struggle after public funding was denied for the station. The News Shopper reports that Lewisham Council granted planning permission this week and the developers have agreed to underwrite a new station:

A MASSIVE £850m development around Millwall’s football ground has been approved - with the developer agreeing to fund a new station. Lewisham Council’s strategic planning committee resolved to grant developer Renewal's applcation at a meeting on October 13.


orlando said...

It's not immediately obvious to me what benefit this station would bring to us in terms of connections to other parts of London. Are there any benefits to us?

Harry said...

Maybe not benefits to people in Brockley, but this area borders Brockley/New Cross and will be a godsend to the people that live there.

If you look on a map you can see a relatively vast area without an overground/tube for miles.

It will also, hopefully, mean additional benefits to the area in the shape of retail, leisure facilities etc.

Very good news.

Tamsin said...

Excellent news - and encouragement for those who've campaigned and agitated long and hard for it.

Something can be worthwhile and worthy of mention without immediately benefitting the navel-gazers of Inner Brockley.

Anonymous said...

looked at in a purely bockley-centric way, it is bad news. it wll take about 3 minutes onger to get to clapham.

th real question is how LO will sequence the various services south surrey quays ie how many for crystal palace/w croydon vs how many for new cross/surrey canal. if to many of the latter, we lose out

Matt-Z said...

4tph Clapham
4tph New Cross
All others Crystal Palace or West Croydon.

We in Brockley get the most trains by far.

Headhunter said...

This will be a blessing to people in that area. Back in the 19th century there used to be a train line that ran down that way from the old Bricklayers Arms station which was a big terminus a bit like London Bridge. However the Bricklayers Arms closed and all the lines running from it were cleared back at some point in the 20th century and ever since then there has been a relative wasteland of transport facilities across that part of London...

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