My Deptford High Street

Earlier this year, we bumped in to Rebecca Molina, the Deptford entrepreneur who helped create the Deptford Art Map, which itself morphed in to the South London Art Map. She said that the logical next step would be to create a resource which covered a much wider range of businesses in Deptford.

So here it is. My Deptford High Street, which describes itself as:

A business support website that enables local businesses and customers to work together to create a vibrant and sustainable community network representing the wonders of Deptford. The website is a social and local service for consumers and businesses alike. It makes it easy for local customers and local merchants to communicate directly with each other and share the information that’s important to them.

It's a beautiful site, as you'd expect from the designers of the Homemade London website, with great photography of the area- as brilliant an advert for Deptford, as it is for Deptford businesses.