Big Draw returns to Goldsmiths, Oct 22nd

Goldsmiths, University of London is pleased to announce its annual Big Draw event will take place this year on Saturday 22 October.

As part of the national Big Draw campaign, Goldsmiths is inviting families from the local area and further afield to take part in the event from 11am-4pm in its Great Hall.

This year’s event ‘Explore The Big Draw’ will encourage children aged from 3 to 14-years-old to take part in drawing and storytelling activities led by PGCE Art & Design and PGCE English students.

The children will get to explore a treasure island where they can help 'shipwrecked' PGCE students make rafts and build shelters. Then they can travel across a 'linking bridge' ­- mapping their journey along the way with poetry and stories - to an exciting city where they will get the chance to help build a new civilisation.

As well as the typical drawing tools of chalk, pens and pencils, the student teachers are planning to make the day as inspiring as possible by using helium balloons, audio/visual equipment and much more.

The 2010 Big Draw event 'Blurring The Big Draw' attracted more than 600 visitors and received the Highly Commended Award 2010 from the Campaign for Drawing in its Drawing Inspiration Awards.

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