Deptford in bloom

Two new cafes have recently opened in Deptford: Blooming Together and Deli-X.

We meant to get some photos of both this weekend, but we didn't get further than Brockley Market, so you'll have to make do with reports from some other local blogs.

Crosswhatfields reports:

We popped in the new Deptford High Street cafe Deli-X on Saturday. It's where the Bear Space cafe used to be. The space has been opened up, with the delicatessen stuff at the front along with beautifully displayed fruit and veg, and the main seating area behind some book shelving, stretching out to the back doors which open onto patio garden as before.

Blossoming Together, a new 'craft cafe' and art gallery which opened a few weeks ago at the bottom of Tanner's Hill, in the premises of the former Deptford Deli.

Do click on the links, because the photos are great. 

Both are within a stone's throw from a Tesco Metro branch on Deptford High Street and like The Allotment in New Cross (which has today confirmed its opening day as October 24th), suggest that high street supermarkets and independent food businesses can, like the human being and the fish, co-exist peacefully.