White Cube Bermondsey

And down in Bermondsey — good grief, south of the river! — Jay Jopling’s White Cube brand is finishing its biggest and boldest venture yet, a stonkingly huge gallery. This is upmarket art on an industrial scale.
- Hugh Pearman, The Sunday Times, October 9th, 2011

On Wednesday, a new White Cube gallery is due to open on Bermondsey Street, becoming the largest commercial gallery in London and ensuring acres of coverage about the rise of Bermondsey as a newly-hip neighbourhood.

Jopling didn't get to sell $100m diamond skulls by being slow to spot an up-and-coming area and the chance to establish a presence only '8 minutes from Brockley' at London Bridge must have been irresistible, with the proximity of the Shard and Tate Modern presumably an added bonus. London's centre of cultural and economic gravity continues to inch towards SE4.