Specifically how to improve Brockley Cross

While the Brockley Cross Action Group has been capturing people's ideas for a shiny, happy future for Brockley Cross, reader Simon has been dutifully documenting an immediate and pressing problem: local food businesses relying on one small public bin (or in the case of many of their customers, the pavement) to dispose of food waste.

Each evening, large amounts of food are deposited in the bin and each morning, Simon (and lots of other people, including BC) trudges through piles of bones, cartons and plastic bags, strewn about by foxes and seagulls, who've sussed that it is the gift that keeps giving.

Two different days, same scene. We could go on...

The street cleaners do an admirable job, but it's a sysiphean task and they can't respond quickly enough for morning traffic. The rubbish contributes to a sense of decay and makes it more likely that people will treat the street as a dumping ground. We need a smarter solution, with better, more secure bins in Brockley Cross.