Lewisham launches Shop Local project

Lewisham Council has launched a local deals service - like a hyperlocal version of Groupon - for Lewisham businesses to promote special offers to local residents. It's a smart way to support independent businesses in the borough, if they can build local awareness in the service and - from our conversations with one of the major daily deal services - South East London deals work well. Click here for full details:
Businesses in Lewisham can get ongoing exposure and attract new customers through Lewisham Council’s new deals scheme.
We’re asking businesses to offer a special discount for people who subscribe to the Lewisham Life enewsletter. All the offers will be listed on a secret page on our website that only members can access, and every future edition of our enewsletter will advertise the discounts scheme.
It’s up to businesses what discount they choose to offer. Possible examples include:
  • everyday service and product discounts (e.g. 15% off)
  • two for one offers
  • free initial consultations
  • party offers


Anonymous said...

Why not instead introduce a new local currency called the Lewisham Pound - it could have a picture of Louise Redknapp on it.

Lou Baker said...

This is both great and lame.

It's a great idea but it's lame that the council's behind it. Lewisham simply can not 'reach' large numbers of people without spending vast sums of money. Our money.

On the other hand Brockley Central reaches lots of people. People with money to spend. Nick - it's a way to make money. Local businesses - it's a way to attract customers.

Down with bureaucrats. Embrace capitalism. Viva la revolution.

darryl said...

interesting - a sneaky way to get people to read Lewisham's online mag, but without outwardly appearing to damage any competitors in the ad market.

Brockley Nick said...

Well that's one way of looking at it Darryl, but it's a free service I think and unlike Greenwich Time, Lewisham Life doesn't try to masquerade as a newspaper. It's basically now a local what's on email. I think you are being too cynical.

LewishamLowLife said...

Where can a man get a copy of Lewisham Life?

Have lived here 4 years and have never seen or heard of this?

I am intrigued to know what my life is missing?

Anonymous said...

It's now printed only 4 times a year with a mothly version available electronically - you can sign up on the front page of the lewisham website:
(there are also more specific e-newsletters such as for art or business that you can get too)

Anonymous said...

I registered yesterday to receive it but am failing to see where the offers will be displayed though

Brockley Nick said...

@Darryl - just checked with Lewisham Council - the service is definitely free to business.

Anonymous said...

There will be some aspect of this 'service' where privatisation is involved, as with anything else the council has plans to do (or has done) - for instance, selling off a database of users to public relations agencies or marketeers.

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