Deptford Bridge remains closed this weekend

853Blog tweets to say that the local traffic chaos that followed the fire at Deptford Bridge is set to continue for an indefinite period this weekend as the A2 will remain closed according to BBC London:

A2 London - A2 Deptford Broadway in Deptford closed and queueing traffic between Deptford Bridge and the A2211 Lewisham Road junction, because of demolition work and earlier building fire. Diversion in operation - affecting bus routes 53 and 177, with route 453 stopping at New Cross. Congestion to New Cross. Also affecting A206 Greenwich High Road at A2 Blackheath Road.


Sally said...

I just took a cab back from Lewisham because it was so congested in the area that more buses than those routes were being badly affected. The driver said that with the A2 closed at Deptford Bridge and Creek Road in Greenwich closed too it's a bit chaotic. Pedestrian access is also affected.

Dan said...

Deptford Broadway is open westbound now.

No right turn into Gh.

johnse18 said...

Wasn't there another fire in that very same row of shops recently?

Seems a bit suspicious.

Dan said...

concur. 3 this year. This fire was immediately next to the one about 6 wks ago.

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