Enclave - major new gallery and studio space for Deptford

Fabhat sends us news of a major new Deptford arts complex seeking tenants called Enclave. The call-out to artists and enterprises says:

We are delighted to announce a new arts ENCLAVE in London, a new-build street of project spaces, galleries and studios just by Deptford station, Deptford High Street, London SE8 4NT. 

The site consists of 9x purpose-built single units and double-size gallery. 

We would very much like to invite Project Spaces, or Groups with outcomes on-site, to apply for a space. Successful Project Space applicants will benefit from significantly subsidised rents. As the site develops, there is the potential for the high-spec, 49 x 26 ft gallery to be used as a free exhibition venue for all the Project Spaces. 

Commercial galleries are also invited as is normal studio- & non-public use. 

ENCLAVE is a managed infrastructure. It is currently unfunded, with income derived only from space rental at competitive rates. Built by local government and renewal developers, the street forms part of a new masterplan for the area.


- low cost project spaces with potential free gallery use
- permanent site
- high quality new-build spaces (screed walls, concrete floors, hot water, heating, insulated glazing, communal kitchen area, fully accessible inc disabled WC)
- potential for collective openings
- potential for group funding bids
- conventional studio space available for artists or groups
- Spaces can be shared or knocked through to combine

Due for completion Dec 2011/Jan 2012. Maps, plans, spec, brief, application info: info@tempcontemp.co.uk