Tank - A farewell to art

Tank - the gallery space next door to the Ladywell Tavern - is hosting its farewell show in November. After more than two prolific years of eclectic and exciting shows, the gallery will be closing and Tank will metamorphose in to a virtual organisation, staging shows at a range of other venues. Curator Aoife has brought great joy to Ladywell and we hope her next events will be close to home.

Edward Chell Exhibition 11th-26th November 2011

Tank is excited to announce Viewing Stations, a solo exhibition of new works by Edward Chell, as our ultimate show at The Ladywell Tavern premises. After an industrious and successful two and a half years, Tank will be leaving the space and continuing as an independent curatorial organisation. Tank will now work closely with artists to create exhibitions in range locations. The private view will not only celebrate the opening of a great show by Edward Chell, but also the wonderful history of Tank within the space over the past few years. 

In this solo exhibition, Edward Chell investigates the landscape and flora of the motorway verge, exploring ideas about place, time and travel through oil paintings, customised road signage, digital prints and painted works on gesso panels.


Anonymous said...

That's a shame. What will happen to the space?

mintness said...

Eek. There was a gallery space next door to the Ladywell Tavern?

Anonymous said...

Great gallery, and Aoife was an inspired and brave curator there, good luck to her

Brockley Nick said...

@Mintness - this is why you have to read BC at least once every day. We have written about it several times. Every day, no excuses, OK?! ;)

Moira said...

This is a real loss to the area. Aoife is a very talented artist, curator and teacher and the Tank was a vital art space for the Brockley Max. I wish her all the best for her future projects and please continue to be part of the festival!

Anonymous said...

what will happen to the gallery space? does anyone know.

Doctor Stu said...

There is seems to be some confusion regarding the closure of The Tank Gallery. The gallery isn't closing. Misty Moon Exhibitions and Events are taking over the day to day running of the space from the 1st December 2011.

Misty Moon have held group exhibitions and events every month for a year and a half at The Tank and Stuart Morriss has worked very closely with Aoife and Team Tank and this was the best way forward for the future of the gallery.

Misty Moon's recent exhibition with Adrienne King star of Friday the 13th was critically acclaimed by the press, and the Hollywood actress enjoyed her stay so much, that she is preparing a return visit to Ladywell in the Spring.

Misty Moon will be hosting more exciting shows throughout 2012. There will also be a film club as well as group and solo shows and music nights. The gallery will be renamed The Misty Moon Gallery.

Please go to www.mistymoon.net for further information about Misty Moon's past and future exhibitions and events or contact Stuart Morriss at stuart@mistymonn.net for more information on hire and wall space

Tank said...

I would love you to join me at some point tomorrow night for the last Tank exhibition opening at the Ladywell Tavern before we become an independent curatorial organisation and the space becomes The Misty Moon Gallery.

I would also like to express my thanks you all, for your support and enthusiasm for the gallery over the last two and a half years. I am delighted to be handing over to such a dedicated team. I know Stuart and the Misty Moon will continue to enrich the art community in Ladywell and Brockley.

It would be great to see people who have been involved in one way or another as well as members of the Brockley community there before I leave.

Hope to see you there!

Tank said...

Oh..The opening is tomorrow (thursday) night...

Tank Closing Exhibition: Viewing Stations, new work by Edward Chell

Private View & Tank Closing Party:
Thurs 10th Nov 2011 6:30-9:30pm

There will be nibbles, bubbles, great people and great art!

For those on FB: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124376944336033

or look on our website: www.tanklondon.co.uk


Tamsin said...

If you haven't got to this exhibition yet do go in the next two days - closes Saturday.


It is absolutely lovely stuff. Upstairs there are large canvasses - 90 x 70cm of a rabbit's eye view of the flora on a motorway verge meticulously painted in misty greys and pale pastels.

Downstairs are a series of simple monochrome - dark brown on an ochre background - silhouettes of the same ultra English plants, A4 size. But they are objects as much as pictures. The layers of clear lacquer give an oriental feel - as does the simplicity.

They cost - but you are paying a fair price for hours and hours of painstaking craftsmanship as well as the "Art", and if you've the money to spare (or even if not - delayed payments are an option) you will be repaid by the decades of pleasure that just looking at the thing would give you.

Don't want to go overboard with the superlatives but they really are wonderful.

(And it's interesting to have a decco at such an unusual gallery as well.)

Tamsin said...

Actually, now I'm at work with the note on how to do a link properly, here's another reminder.

An exhibition that is genuinely "not-to-be-missed" - you're better off for having seen it even if you're not able to buy.

Tamsin said...

Funny how memory plays you false. I went back yesterday evening with a friend and the large canvasses are monochrome - cream and grey. I had somehow mentally imported hints of colour into them.

Still stunning.

Doctor Stu said...

With the recent move of The Tank gallery at The Ladywell Tavern, tomorrow night heralds a new era for the space, when The Misty Moon Gallery opens it's doors.

Tomorrow Night 8th December At The Misty Moon Gallery, Ladywell Tavern, Ladywell, SE13 7HS.

Festivities Start @ 7pm till Late. Local & International Exhibitors + Music From Steve 'Boltz' Bolton of Atomic Rooster and Paul Young Fame From 8pm.

A Special Skype Chat To Adrienne King at 9pm and Deborah Voorhees at 9.30pm. Come & Join The Misty Mooners As We Celebrate Christmas & A New Era For Misty Moon. For more information about this exhibition and our past and future events, please go to www.mistymoon.net

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