Sim-phony - play with Brockley's orchestra

Isobel (oboe) wants you to know that you not only have a chance to play in Brockley's resident classical orchestra, but to determine its fate:

Brockley’s symphony orchestra, Harmony Sinfonia, has just celebrated its second birthday. But we don’t think Brockley knows about us yet. Did you know, for instance, that we are looking for more string and brass players?

We don’t audition – you just have to be able to keep up! We have our 7th concert coming up next month (19th November at St Peter’s Church in Wickham Road) featuring the fabulous Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with soloist Simon Hewitt-Jones and Sibelius’s Lemminkainen Suite Swan of Tuonela thrown in.

Some of us played a few under-rehearsed tunes down at the new Saturday Market the other week - thanks for listening. We came along because we wanted to remind you that Harmony Sinfonia rehearse and perform in SE4 – and basically, we’re yours!

We’d really love to know if there are any pieces you’d like us to play, or any venues you’d like us to perform in, as an orchestra or in smaller groups. We'd be very happy if you'd support us by following us on twitter @harmonysinfonia and liking our Harmony Sinfonia Facebook page. And you can find out more about us (and buy cut price concert tickets) on our website –