Climate Camp: Aftermath Records

Just a quick post in reference to the hoo-hah over the Climate Campers and whether they would or wouldn't wreak havoc on Blackheath.

Although having little time for the jumbled and simplistic analysis of the world's problems or the "solutions" they offered, BC predicted that they would leave the heath in good condition.

The Blackheath Bugle has this shot of the site shortly after their departure. Looks like the Lewisham tax payer escapes unscathed on this occasion...


Anonymous said...

Glad to see this is being highlighted, given the scaremongerging by various beforehand, including the mayor of Lewisham.

I think 'jumbled' is rather unfair - the campers are not a political party with an agreed line, they are a disparate bunch of people with differing analyses and prescriptions, and at the workshops you would hear debates on these various disagreements and nuances. There isn't a 'line'. It's like reading all the comment pieces on the comment page of a newspaper and saying 'Well that's a jumbled worldview!' Er, yes, if you think it comes from some kind of hive mind.

Within that, some will be simplistic, others sophisticated, complex and perceptive.

Brockley Nick said...

Yes, I think that's fair comment. I guess I regard them as a campaign group and I expect campaign groups to offer up a concrete (5% of the world's CO2 emissions due to cement, so perhaps the wrong word) plan for a way forward and a more focused agenda.

Instead, I heard a lot of noise, several misguided attacks (on things like CO2 permit trading) and other assorted political causes, such as anti-Israel films being shown at camp - with pretty spurious links to climate change.

Anyway, you're right - it's a broad church.

Anonymous said...

And Its not normally tidy when the fairs left town.

Olivia @Geddes said...

Thanks Hugh x

Anonymous said...

Brockley Station Ramp: Death Row?

drakefell debaser said...

Brockley Station Ramp: Death Row?

Or Weed Mile..

Anonymous said...

Skid row. Quite funny seeing people sliding down the muddy slope this evening. Hope no one hurts themselves though.

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