The Brockley Mess: Opens Today

The Brockley Mess is due to open at some point today.

Situated near the corner of Brockley Road and Adelaide Road, the new cafe replaces the much-loved Moonbow Jakes. BCers began to report glimpses of green tiles and varnished wood as opening day drew nearer.

Last night, we received this message from Raymond, the proprietor of The Brockley Mess and Royal Teas in Greenwich:

"It is very late on Monday night and I have just got back from The Brockley Mess doing some finishing touches for our opening on Tuesday 15th September. We will be opening tomorrow as long as the crockery arrives in the morning - by 10.30 a.m. they assure me!

"There will still be some things we have not yet finalised but as quick as one seems to accomplish the current list one is concocting yet another.

"Our opening times initially will be 8am - 7pm weekdays and 9am - 7pm weekends.

"Got to go to bed now. Have a big day tomorrow."

We plan to check it out as soon as possible, but in the mean time we're looking forward to hearing your reviews.

Good luck to Ray and welcome to Brockley.