'No to train cuts' campaign accelerates

South East London residents affected by the potential cut in train services to and from London Bridge are co-ordinating their efforts to fight the cuts.

The Forest Hill Society's Michael Abrahams writes:

The petition now has over 500 signatures in just 4 days!

Councillor Dean Walton has proposed a motion to full council on Thursday evening (24th September - 7:30pm), see details on Lewisham website.

This motion opposes cuts to rail services on our line and I hope it will get cross party support.I am told that a good turn out in the public gallery will get it discussed early on the agenda and will make sure that the council take this issue more seriously. Please attend this meeting if you can.


drakefell debaser said...

The BBC are carrying this today:


Monkeyboy said...

Some stuff from the Mayor Boris question time....


I believe there is cross-party support at City Hall for the Department for Transport to introduce the Victoria to Bellingham Line. Does the Mayor have any advice on how Assembly Members can play a constructive part in trying to persuade the DfT to reverse their decision and introduce this line? – Richard Tracey

I would like to see both the East London Line Phase 2 and the Victoria-Bellingham services operating from 2012.

It was the decision of the DfT not to provide the funding for this service. I would be happy to work with Assembly Members in lobbying the DfT on this matter.


My letter to you of 30th June specifically requests a meeting with you. Your reply dated 24th July makes no response to this meeting request. Will you please meet a cross party deputation of the MPS, Councillors, hospitals and community groups who are trying to save the South London Line service? – Val Shawcross

It is important to point out that this decision was the Department for Transport’s alone, and therefore it would be more productive to meet with them in order to lobby them. As Mayor, I do not have the ability to reverse this decision, as you well know.


Reduced construction costs mean that Transport for London will only need to invest £3million to pay for a new station at Surrey Canal Road during construction of the new East London Line - much cheaper than returning to the project at a later date and a relatively small sum in transport infrastructure terms. Why don't you think the community around Surrey Canal Road are worth, or deserve, this relatively small investment? – Val Shawcross

TfL does not have any funding within its Business Plan to build or operate this station, but is working with the London Borough of Lewisham to identify possible third party funding contribution. Passive provision will be provided in the design, so that it could be incorporated into the scheme at a later date in a cost effective way.

Headhunter said...

Got the following mail from Lord Adonis's people:

Thank you for your email of 10th September to Andrew Adonis regarding the train services on the Sydenham corridor to London Bridge and Charing Cross (including services calling at Brockley station). I have been asked to respond on behalf of the Department for Transport.

Off Peak and Evening Services to London Bridge
As part of the introduction of High Speed Services on the Southeastern network in December 2009, a full recast of the Southeastern timetable is being carried out. As part of this new timetable Southeastern is increasing frequencies on some metro routes in South East London and additional services will be stopping at London Bridge. For example, off peak frequencies on the Bexleyheath route are being increased by 2 trains per hour to Charing Cross.

Alongside this it has not proved possible to link any available paths through London Bridge with the available paths south of New Cross Gate, which are limited by the new East London Line services (that will begin operation next year).

Given the capacity limitations in the congested London Bridge area and the impacts of the new East London Line services it has not been possible for the industry to derive a timetable that allows the Southern services to continue to operate to Charing Cross from the Reigate corridor during the day or from the Sydenham corridor during the evening.

The Department has stated that if the train operators – Southern, Southeastern, First Capital Connect and London Overground - can identify a timetable solution that allows Southern to operate services through the high level platforms at London Bridge and onto Charing Cross we would not stand in their way of delivering this.

Headhunter said...

East London Line Compatible Timetable
The introduction of the extended East London Line services to and from West Croydon and Crystal Palace in May 2010 requires a major recast of the Southern timetable. The extended East London Line will bring significant benefits to the area of South East London. It will bring direct links to parts of the City of London (Shoreditch High Street) and also links to other areas of north and east London. It will also improve access to Canary Wharf and improve interchanges with London Underground services at Whitechapel (District and Hammersmith and City Line) and Canada Water (Jubilee Line – Canary Wharf and West End). A significant number of passengers from this corridor interchange with Jubilee line services at London Bridge (east and westbound) and the improved interchange at Canada Water will significantly improve these journeys, as well as helping to relieve congestion at London Bridge station itself.

It has simply not been possible to fit the additional 8 trains per hour that London Overground will be operating into the existing timetable without changes to Southern services. However in all cases the number of train service that operate from each station will increase once the extended East London Line begins operations. The table below shows the planned position at Brockley both on December 2009 and May 2010

Headhunter said...

AM Peak Train Service Frequency at Brockley (based on Departure Time)
Southern East London Line Total

AM Peak Hour
(0800-0859) AM Peak
3 Hours AM Peak Hour (0800-0859) AM Peak 3 Hours Peak Hour Peak 3 Hour
Dec 2009 6 16 - - 6 16
May 2010 6 15 8 24 14 39

Off Peak Train Service Frequency at Brockley (based on Departure Time)
Off Peak Hour East London Line Total
Dec 2009 6 - 6
May 2010 4 8 12

As can be seen, in the off peak train services frequencies from Brockley double in May 2010 compared to December 2009 with a train operating every 5 minutes. In the peak 3 hours services increase by nearly 150%, and by over 200% in the peak hour. These changes will increase the accessibility of this area of South East London and act as a driver for significant regeneration.

The changes have been driven particularly by Transport for London’s investment in the East London Line Extension, and by TfL’s specification for services on this route (TfL is the specification body for London Overground services). The timetable that results from TfL’s specification has been developed in cross industry discussions involving operators, Network Rail, and ORR to derive the optimum timetable for both East London Line and Southern services.

Headhunter said...

In the evening peak service frequencies from London Bridge will reduce to 4 trains per hour (from 6 today) as it has not been possible to match the paths available south of New Cross Gate (given the additional 8 East London Line services) with those available from London Bridge. However these services will now be purely local services terminating at West Croydon and will thus have lower passenger levels from London Bridge, because the services to Sutton, Epsom and Guildford that currently call at the local stations will now use the fast lines due to the lack of available paths (because of the East London Line additional services), so that longer distance passengers will no longer congest the local trains.

In preparation for the extended ELL services, management of stations on the line transferred to London Overground on September 20th 2009 and TfL have already started a programme of station investments on the route, such as the installation of ticket gates with further investments due in the coming months

Yours sincerely,

David Lindsey

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